IN THE END, everything’s a bit mixed up!

IN THE END, everything’s a bit mixed up!

No Wednesday Lensday this week but I do have a visual little treat for you!

I’m guessing that many of you will be familiar with this:

Not a fan of Linkin Park? Well, how about the song being sung by Darth Vader? Or Dracula? Maybe Shrek and Mr. Potato Head are more your style.

Some utter genius, who’s a dab hand in the ol’ editing room, has the above characters and more, singing their own, quirky off-kilter version of In The End. With 183 different films no less!

Have a watch, play a game of ‘name the movies’ and revel in the clever creativeness of humans.

Right, I’m off to watch Hateful Eight. Ta-ta for now! 🙂

You can read more info about the creator on A.V. CLUB, here.

Image Credit: A.V. CLUB

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It’s oh so quiet…

It’s oh so quiet…

It’s oh so still…Sshh, Sshh!

I wish. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. What with December birthdays to plan, get-togethers and school being crazy busy at this time of year, there’s no wonder I was in bed by 9.45pm on a Friday night. Part-Ay to the B = bed!

Oh, and then there’s a small little celebration coming up, where generally everyone spends, eats and stresses too much for a single day. I’m sure that only weddings equal the amount of pre-planning put into Christmas based on length of festivities. It’s only 24 hours though…we can do this!


Except, I can’t do it all very well whilst blogging. Not if I want to make sure I don’t wrap a child in festive paper, add categories and hashtags to presents and give you all detention if you don’t read my posts! 😉

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