Trumping the Law

Trumping the Law

Miss, miss…it’s against the law to die in the Houses of Parliament!

Oh, that’s interesting…

Yeah, and my dad says that if you do, you’ll get arrested.”

Mmmhmmm…Hang on, what? Arresting a dead person? Are your sure he said that? Let’s look it up, it can’t be right. Oh…


This conversation happened a couple of years ago with a child in my class. Yes I was guilty of only half listening, giving out acknowledging grunts like many parents / teachers do when busy, but what I found out when I paid attention was frankly ridiculous!

But it seems she was 100% correct and there is a British law left in place, stating you’d be prosecuted if you were rebel enough to die whilst in the H of P! Like you might have a choice in the matter!

However, it’s not just us Brits who have ridiculous laws in place – all across the globe, from Samoa (illegal to forget your wife’s birthday) to Spain (no driving in flip flops…actually probs sensible), there are daft sanctions that could land you with fines or jail time.

Therefore, to coincide with the inauguration of potentially the most ridiculous law maker ever to be given power on the planet, I present a list of some of my favourite stupidity from around the world.

Seriously, I think some of these were made up by 5 year olds!


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