Reaching the end of the Rainbow(fication Chronicles)

So summer is pretty much over, I’ve passed leprechauns along the way and now I’ve reached the end of the rainbow! My photo challenge to take images of each of the seven colours, a week at a time, is complete.

It’s been an interesting challenge as it has made me appreciate the colours that we take for granted around us everyday. For the most part, I purposely only photographed mundane objects – individually the images are nothing special. However, when put together in a collage, I hope they represented each shade well.

As promised, I’ve now incorporated all the hues together to give a rainbow effect. It also seemed a good post to include as my entry to Cee’s photo challenge – The colours of seeing. I was trying to look for colour after all!

The first image I created using BeFunky collage maker. I chose to only use the 6×6 grid, but could have created a larger one to use all my images if I’d wanted.

Rainbow collage

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