Feeling the No-Churn burn!

Feeling the No-Churn burn!

If there’s one treat that immediately says ‘summer is here’ it’s ice-cream. Everyone loves a scoop or two, whether it’s waffled coned, in a dish or a good old ’99’ with a flake in it. Don’t they?

Well, I’m one of those who isn’t that fussed by its sweet creamy goodness – maybe I just have over sensitive gnashers! For me, it’s more of an accompaniment to a pudding, rather than a stand-alone dessert. But when the sun finally puts its hat on, I do indulge now and again.

So when we went wandering in York over the weekend, ice-cream was on the agenda. But I came over all pretentious, wanting something more artisan than a typical Mr. Whippy, and ended up getting none. Probably serves me right…


Make some, that what I’ll do!’ I thought. And that’s what I’ve done for Monday Munchies this week. I’ve seen loads of recipes for No-Churn varieties and they looked super easy and didn’t need an ice-cream maker. Which is handy as I don’t have one.

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