Cake or Biscuit?

Cake or Biscuit?

Vull moon. ‘Arf moon. Total eecleeepse.

These words possibly mean nothing to anyone outside of the UK, but if you’re over the age of about twenty, they should be synonymous with an advert for little discs of joy: Jaffa Cakes.

What are they? Are they a cake of a biscuit? Biscuits go soft if you leave them out and cakes go hard – these defy logic and don’t really do either. They’re in the biscuit aisle, but technically shouldn’t avoid the associated tax because of the chocolate. Very confusing!

One thing is certain though, these sponge-y, orange-y, chocolate-y treats are delicious and moreish: I’ve been known to consume a packet in one go. Shush, don’t judge… I’m sure there’s only about eight in a box… And yes, I’ve used them in a classroom situation too.


So when I saw one of these speedy cooking videos, that seem to do the rounds on Facebook, for a giant Jaffa cake, I just knew I wanted to try it for Monday Munchies! I mean, everything is brilliant in miniature but small things made to epic proportions are equally as appealing!

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