Skipping over the cracks: A look at luck!

Skipping over the cracks: A look at luck!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is specially scheduled to go out during the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day of the… erm…eleventh month! Yes, it’s that day feared more than others for all kinds of reasons – Friday the 13th.

So do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Will today be filled with joy or will every tiny mishap, hold-up or grumble be the fault of the universe and how the calendar has aligned?

I’ll admit that I hold many superstitions but the number 13 isn’t one of themĀ  – growing up in a house numbered 13 kind of dispelled that concern. However, there are many others I do abide by, almost subconsciously. Actions I perform without thinking in order to keep the cosmos ticking over without incident!


From an early age, I’d avoid cracks in the pavement, jumping from side to side and teetering on tiptoes just in case I accidentally caused bad luck. What the consequence would be or falling flat on my face (other than displaying my knickers to the world in utter humiliation!) seemed to be determined by whatever myself and my friends thought was the most pressing worry that week. We were only about seven, so these usually sounded something like…

“Eugh… don’t step on the cracks or you’ll have to marry Jamie and have his baaaaabies!”

“Don’t step on the cracks or you’ll have to eat sprouts for EVER!”

“Don’t step on the cracks or Mrs.Higgins will lock you in her classroom. At night. In the dark. And eat you!”

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