Alphabet of Travel Snaps: P is for…

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: P is for…


It’s ages since I’ve done one of these travel photography posts (if we’re not counting Iceland) and as we’re heading off tomorrow for a week in Portugal, it’s put me in the mood to look back on some past adventures.

Now, although I have used some of these images on the blog, I can’t believe I’ve not shared them in their entirety and talked about our whirlwind trip to the French capital!

IMG_1998 (765x800)

The final stop on our mini-European escapade, with only 36 hours until we boarded the Eurostar back home, we had a lot to cram in since landing from Rome!

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Alphabet of Travel Snaps: M is for…

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: M is for…


Although we holiday in Portugal fairly frequently, our visit this year to the main island in their Atlantic archipelago was a first.


Five things I thought about Madeira before we visited:

It has a cake named after it.
FALSE –  there’s no real connection.

It supposedly has the perfect climate.
TRUE – well as far as I’m concerned. Year round high teens / low 20s suits me fine.

It’s considered exceptionally beautiful and full of flowers.
TRUE – the smell was also amazing!

It’s a major cruise ship stop.
TRUE – although we didn’t see any.

It’s only for the over 50s.
90% FALSE – but it’s definitely not party central and won’t appeal to clubbers unless they’re ready to hang up their glow sticks!

This last preconception I’d harboured for a while and it had put me off going if I’m honest. The thing is, everyone who talked about the island (and subsequently raved about it) WAS over 50 – until my friend visited last year and told me I was being daft!


There is an older crowd (I do not know how they cope with the incredibly steep hills) but unless you’re looking for all-night parties and endless pub crawls (personally can’t think of anything worse), it would appeal to any age. There are plenty of activities, from walking and jeep safaris, to surfing, paragliding and whale watching, that will keep more adventurous entertained. And for the less active, you can’t go wrong with sunshine, stunning views and fabulous food!

Steak / fish, cooked on a stone slab is a must…and have you seen the size of the strawberries?! Read more


I’m leaving on a… train/plane!

Well, it looks like Miss. Bobbins is about to jet off on her holibobs – in other words, it’s vacation time!

Tomorrow, we shall be taking the train down to old Londinium, where I shall get to see my first classical concert since I was eight – at the Royal Albert Hall no less! I am incredibly excited. 😀


We’ll then be jetting off to the apparently beautiful garden isle of Madeira – obviously I had to choose a destination that was a name of a cake!


So, this is really just to say that there will be no posts for the next week or so but then I’ll be back – with a VLOG! (Assuming I can get around any technical issues of course!)

As I can’t be away from Wifi for too many hours, I’m sure I’ll be checking in on the rest of you and perusing your posts whilst I sit in the sunshine. And I doubt I’ll be able to contain my excitement from Twitter when I’ve been to the concert. So have a lovely week and I’ll see you when I get back and the Bobbins will have turned ONE!! Where does the time go?

Tatty bye for now… 🙂

Image Credits: and Tripadvisor

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Alphabet of Travel Snaps: R is for…

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: R is for…


Following our little adventure in Venice, I’d booked us a train to take us to Rome, as I was determined to play an Audrey Hepburn ‘princess’ in my own version of Roman Holiday!

However, it seemed I hadn’t booked us on the the double-decker speedy rail transport – no, ours trundled up to the platform in more of an Ivor the Engine fashion (just not as quaint!) After a (very) leisurely ride through the Italian countryside, we arrived 6 hours later…


This was my second trip to Rome and the first time well…let’s just say we didn’t part as friends. Admittedly, I had been on a day trip that began in Sorrento. Hours on a hot coach, only to be jostled around the city at breakneck speed, without even a glimpse of the Colosseum did not put the capital in a good light. But I decided it was time to forgive and forget and I’m extremely glad I did! Read more

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: V for…

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: V for…

No, not vendetta. Or Vienetta, but VENICE!

SDC14057 (800x569)

I told you I might start this as a series and I was inspired to share my Venetian adventures after reading Minaxi’s post about her time there!

It could have easily been ‘E is for Europe‘ as our trip to this timeless area, a couple of years ago, kicked off our whirlwind ‘city breaks’ journey, which also took in the sights of Rome and Paris.

IMG_1708 (800x617)

Although it was Sam’s first time, I’d already visited Venice a few years previously, on a day excursion, sailing in from Rimini further along the coast. I was immediately smitten, as so many people are – what is it that captivates the hearts and imaginations of travellers?

SDC14012 (800x600)

IMG_1724 (2) (746x800)

For me, without sounding cliché (okay, a little cliché…) I just found the culture, canals and history magical – the architecture was beautiful, yet in that ancient, almost decaying way that it has. Venice is undeniably romantic and seductive but there is also something mysterious about it. Wandering around tiny alleyways and hidden corners, I could definitely picture myself back in time, channeling my inner Assassins’ Creed!

IMG_1727 (800x568)

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