Wednesday Lensday: Just Beachy

Wednesday Lensday: Just Beachy

Although I consider myself more a lakes and mountains girl, I do love the sea. I just like being around water which, if you believe in this sort of thing, is a little strange as I’m a fire sign – I guess my moon ascending chakra or something is in Aquarius. 😉


However, I much prefer a ramble around some rock pools than basking in blazing heat on the sand, so when the British summer weather was being fairly kind to us, I thought I’d head to the local beach with the ‘proper’ camera!


But it rained. A lot. And I didn’t pack the rain gear. ‘It’s okay,‘ I thought, ‘I’ll hastily wrap the DSLR in a plastic bag,‘ …that had a hole in it. Back to the iPhone it was!

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