I’m a little teapot SHORT and STOUT (cake)

I’m a little teapot SHORT and STOUT (cake)

The first time I ever had to appear on stage at the tender age of four, this song was my offering to the world. Donned in a red cardboard ‘teapot’, dodgily hung around my neck with a bit of rope, I looked out at the audience of parents, teachers and older kids. I knew it would be a tough crowd, nobody loved giving up their afternoon to watch nursery children squawking out of key unless it was one of their own (and that was debatable!)

Prodded along by my teacher, I dutifully performed the actions, stomping around as the dumpy little vessel, trying to get the words out as quickly as possible. Of course, it’s me so it should be no surprise that when I was almost finished, tipping myself up for the final line, I promptly toppled to one side, fell in a heap and ran off-stage crying. Sigh…at least it got a laugh!

This isn’t me by the way, even though I was mistaken for a boy as a baby…

So that’s the story of inspiration for today’s Monday Munchie’s title (and my 50th post!), but what about the recipe? Well, as we’ve just returned from Ireland, I thought it would be nice to try and link in something authentic, so I opted to try a good old stout cake (recipe found on My Bacon-wrapped Life). I’ve never baked with beer before, but S has been dropping hints for a while. You see, he’s well into his craft beer, ever since I bought him a brewing kit just over a year ago, refusing to drink such ‘abominations’ as Carlsberg or Becks these days! And because of this, Ireland was slightly problematic because (shock, horror!), he doesn’t rate Guinness.

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