My planting brings all the bees to the yard…

My planting brings all the bees to the yard…

Fad number 106: Beekeeping!


Bees are awesome. Forget your governments, business moguls and celebrities – these tiny winged stalwarts are the ones really ruling the word! Unfortunately, as their empire is in decline and as a lover of honey, I wanted to help: a fad for beekeeping was born.

Actually, ever since I watched Pushing Daisies I had notions of having a beehive. I imagined I’d own a multitude in some urban, rooftop utopia, where I’d prance around in vintage dresses and the world would be painted in Bryan Fuller’s glorious colour pallette. I even convinced my school to bring a beekeeper in for a visit, mainly to educate the children (a little bit so I could dress up in the protective suit!)


Back in my non-daydreaming state, despite having the poor man’s version of Ann Friel’s dresses and hair, I soon discovered that beekeeping was serious business! I could take training courses and shell out money to buy a hive, but long term there was a lot of responsibility to being an apiarist. The last thing I wanted was an urban swarm I couldn’t contain due to lack of expertise or not taking it seriously enough – something that is unfortunately on the rise as more city dwellers opt for an eco-friendly, self-sufficient lifestyle.

There was, however, another way I could help the bees – because let’s face it, they need all the assistance they can get. I could be a bee carer, encouraging these amazing pollinators into the garden and helping them stay nourished throughout the year. So today, I’d like to share with you some amazing facts and tips to save the bees, hopefully encouraging you all to love and protect these fabulous creatures.

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