Are you putting on the cho-RITZ-o?

Are you putting on the cho-RITZ-o?

If the answer is yes, shame on you! You’re pronouncing it all wrong…just like me. 🙂


My Yorkshire accent tends to harden and flatten many a syllable but the delightful chorizo sausage (see, there’s not even a ‘T’ in it!) needs to sounds as exotic as it tastes: Say ‘choriTHo’ or ‘chorEESo’.

Originating from the Iberian peninsula (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar), its cured, spicy goodness makes it a popular choice for tapas and can certainly jazz up any dish. (Okay, not any dish – I’m sure it wouldn’t work well in a chocolate cake, but you know what I mean…)

Although I’m not a huge fan of sausages in general, this has been a firm favourite (and a kitchen staple) for many years. Whether it’s added to a pasta bake, chopped into an omelette or used in a traditional paella, it’s a sure way to heat up the taste buds!


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