IN THE END, everything’s a bit mixed up!

IN THE END, everything’s a bit mixed up!

No Wednesday Lensday this week but I do have a visual little treat for you!

I’m guessing that many of you will be familiar with this:

Not a fan of Linkin Park? Well, how about the song being sung by Darth Vader? Or Dracula? Maybe Shrek and Mr. Potato Head are more your style.

Some utter genius, who’s a dab hand in the ol’ editing room, has the above characters and more, singing their own, quirky off-kilter version of In The End. With 183 different films no less!

Have a watch, play a game of ‘name the movies’ and revel in the clever creativeness of humans.

Right, I’m off to watch Hateful Eight. Ta-ta for now! 🙂

You can read more info about the creator on A.V. CLUB, here.

Image Credit: A.V. CLUB

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Snap to it Ginge!

Snap to it Ginge!

Gingers get a bad press. Mercilessly teased for their flaming tresses or expected to unleash fury at every opportunity, they have been subjected to negativity for eons!

I’m not sure she helped their cause either…


But like Hermione, I love a good ginger and that goes for the real ‘ginger spice’ too. In both savoury and sweet dishes, I adore its warming, tangy flavour, that is full of health benefits – I have often nibbled on stem ginger to calm a queasy stomach or prevent hunger pangs.

However, the smell (and taste) of ginger sweet treats is synonymous with Christmas for me – you can’t have Christmas without a ginger bread house! So whilst my culinary skills may not extend to creating Kings Landing or this full-sized Hansel and Gretel style house in San Francisco, I do have some delicious ginger imbued muffins for this week’s Monday Munchies.


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