The Invisible Mother

The Invisible Mother

No card will be opened,
No flowers received,
No gestures of gratitude,
Appreciation of deeds.

A day set for others,
I don’t meet the grade,
I’m not in their club,
A decision I made.

I may not be a mother,
Giving birth to my own,
Or have given a child,
A new life in our home.

But five days a week,
I do dry their tears
Give advice and comfort,
Watch them grow through the years.

I wash sports kits, mend shoes,
Find food when there’s none,
Solve squabbles, build friendships,
Support when loved ones are gone.

And I listen,
And I listen,
And they talk
And they cry.

And we play,
And we build,
And we dance,
And we try.

Many times I’ve been screamed at,
Words wounding the pride,
But I guide their behaviour,
Still stay by their side.

Some more than others
Steal a place in my heart,
But my love goes unspoken,
Not allowed to impart.

Yet they know that I love them,
And I know it’s returned,
Through their smiles, their respect,
And their trust I have earned.

I may not be a mother,
In the conventional way,
But it’s attitude, not biology,
Whatever others may say.

In loco parentis,
From eight until three,
I’m a mother to hundreds,
There are many like me.

Happy Mother’s Day whether you’re a mother to toddlers or teenagers, cats, dogs, dragons, students or just your other half! Enjoy! 💕


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Throwback Thursday: Little Logic – it’s all about badgers!

Throwback Thursday: Little Logic – it’s all about badgers!

This post is from almost two years ago but I was reminded of it this week when out on a very soggy school trip in British ‘summertime’ to the local farm. One of the children, who is five, wanted to keep us entertained on the bus ride and was asking us for our favourite Lady Gaga and Little Mix songs so he could sing them. I’m not sure he meant to be so amusing whilst he was singing ‘It’s my POKER SPACE, my, my POKER SPACE’ and ‘Shout out to my EGGS’ at the top of his voice!!

So, for Throwback Thursday, here are some little gems collected from my teaching career – please add any quality additions from our younger generations in the comments!

Okay, so teachers all strive to assist children in achieving those lightbulb moments, wanting to hear the little cries of discovery and realisation of a concept or skill. However, getting there is generally a journey of constant repetition, hair pulling (of the teachers, not the kids!) and often downright hilarity!

I hadn’t intended on this being my blog post today but yesterday a child delivered an utterly fabulous one liner (actually one ‘worder’) in a response to a question, that I felt it needed sharing. Let’s face it, children say the weirdest / funniest / most random of things, that to them probably seem completely plausible based on their short experience of the world. Some ideas are sweet, others slightly misconstrued information. And then there are the ROFL-copter worthy answers that eventually turn your tears of laughter to tears of despair when it dawns on you that you’re the one who’s been educating this child, so clearly you’ve not been doing your job properly!

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Aloada Childhood Nostalgia 4: The Toy Story

Aloada Childhood Nostalgia 4: The Toy Story

I know I’m getting older, as we all are, but always considered my age bracket to fall into the ‘retro’ category, rather than ‘vintage’. That was until last week when we visited the Vintage Tea Shop, full to the brim of mismatched 1950s china tea sets, frilly aprons and vinyl records from days gone by.

Oh, and Pacman set up to play on a black and white portable TV, alongside a stack of these fellows for children Haylee to play with…my drawing skills have not improved with age!


The Etch-A Sketch used to be a staple in my creative arsenal, despite generally only being able to achieve a dodgy house shape.

I’m sure most children these days would look at them with utter bemusement, wondering why these ‘old-fashioned tablets’ didn’t have sound, or colour…or access to YouTube! But as one of these was a huge part of my childhood, and with the Moodle Army theme this week being ‘Look Back’, I thought it was time for another edition of Nostalgia with a visit to my toy box.

(Hmmm, I realise this sounds like a euphemism, don’t get unnecessarily perturbed…)

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Haylee Says…Nostalgia Be Craze-y!

Haylee Says…Nostalgia Be Craze-y!

My blogging birthday twin was kind enough to ask me to guest post – and as we both like a bit of nostalgia, I was happy to oblige! Hope you enjoy this trip down a craze-y memory lane!

Steve McSteveface

Pokemon Go

Nostalgia be Craze-y!

Do you know your Bulbasaur from your Beedrill? Your Charmander from your Clefairy? Do you even care?

Possibly not. But if you’ve succumbed to the craze that swept the smartphone world this summer, (hmmm… that would be me!) then you’ll know I’m talking about Pokemon Go.

From toddlers to pensioners, players avidly stared at their screens in the hope of capturing a virtual monster. However, the tech may have progressed but crazes are nothing new – we little humans love to indulge in pointless collections and activities for no other reason than our friends are doing it (FOMO anyone?)

So join me now as I look back through rose-tinted nostalgia specs and revisit some of the crazes of my 80s and 90s youth, whether I wore it, played it or collected it…


I’ll fully admit that although I had some POGS, I never…

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Aloada Childhood Nostalgia 3: The Game Shows

Aloada Childhood Nostalgia 3: The Game Shows

‘Where am I?’
‘You’re in a room…’

‘Contenders, rrrrrready…’
‘Get out, get out…QUICKLY!’

It could signal the opening lines of a horror movie but in reality, hearing these lines repeated frequently as a child brought nothing but joy (and a small amount of embarrassment…) to my youth!

Did any of them ring a bell? I hope so because for the third installment of my throwback to TV glory days, it’s all about spellcasting

G-A-M-E-S-H-O -W-S

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