Who wants to BEER a millionaire?

Who wants to BEER a millionaire?

Okay, so I should be making Bakewell Tart to continue my Bake-Off challenges, but I have to say that since I fell so far behind and the world now knows that lipstick is a showstopper, I’ve lost a bit of interest. But I will get around to it, promise!

This week though, Sam sent me a text asking if we could bake this weekend. We? Okay, there’s an ‘I’ in baking but generally no ‘we’, so I was intrigued as to his motives!

Turns out his Beer Box had arrived (he collects consumes craft beers) and there was one contained that had a recipe for a very moreish treat!


Caramel or ‘Millionaire’s’ Shortbread is delish and is one of those snacks I shouldn’t be left alone with. But I’ve never made every element from scratch. With beer. So no time like the present – time for some Monday Munchies Millionaires!

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