The Day Chocolat’s Juliette Brioche Got Battered…

The Day Chocolat’s Juliette Brioche Got Battered…

Bread scares me. Not the finished article, I don’t have an irrational fear of a crusty baguette. But the making of it fills me with bread dread. Kneading is not my forte and the time required to prove this, prove that, prove you’re a good enough baker…  *Sigh*.

Which explains to some extent why I’ve fallen very behind in my Bake Off Challenge bake-along. I’ve been dodging week 3: Bread Week. 

So I thought I’d double up and do two week’s worth in one go for Monday Munchies. 

And don’t you just love the title? I do. Except it’s a lie as I didn’t make brioche. And yes I know it’s ‘Binoche’ but the former worked better. It does have chocolate in it though!

And the battered part? Well, that covers week 4 – a first for Bake Off with Batter Week. I am definitely earning my bread and batter… (sorry).

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