Back Stories from a Passing Glance

Back Stories from a Passing Glance

Do you see the same people everyday? I don’t mean family, friends or colleagues, but the same strangers. Chances are, if you take the same route to work / school or leave home around the same time each day, you will pass the same people, doing the same thing in the opposite direction (wow, I overused the word same too much there didn’t I?). I once read that if you pass a person on your return journey that you did on the outward route, it’s considered good luck. But how many of us even notice, let alone interact with these journey friends?

I’ll be back at work on Monday, after seven weeks of summer, and it got me thinking about my journey friends. They’re imaginary friends of course – well, not strictly imaginary because they are real, just I’ve never actually spoken to any of them or introduced myself. I’m a silent acquaintance. I’m wondering whether they’ll in fact be around. I’ve not been the best at staying in touch over summer (actual friends, I’m aware I’m guilty of this with you too – sorry…), but I’ll be looking out for them nonetheless.

Let’s be clear though, I know nothing of these people, their lives or families, other than what I’ve concocted in my head. It keeps me amused on my drive to work and as someone who talks to herself in the car waaay too much, it gives me, at the very least, a ‘person’ to talk to!

So let me introduce you to my main journey pals, through their back stories I’ve created from a passing glance…

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