Tea is coming – Am I too northern for this?

Tea is coming – Am I too northern for this?


I realised I’d not posted a Monday Munchies recipe since last year (okay, I know that was only two weeks ago!) and thought I should really get back to baking.

However, the last mince pie has only just left the building and we still have a massive slab of Christmas cake to work our way through. So to add more treats to the temptation list seemed a little unfair to the holiday waistband!

Of course, this didn’t stop me eating cake last week when I met up with my friend and we decided to indulge in Afternoon Tea. This tasty activity, conjuring images of being quintessentially British, is something I have said on more than one occasion is one of my favourite things to do. And it is. Except I’ve only done it in the traditional sense three times, all of which have been within the last twelve months.

I am an Afternoon Tea-taking fraud.


Plenty of times I’ve gone out and consumed a sandwich, followed by a slice of cake, washed down with good cup of Yorkshire Tea (other tea brands do exist!) but the size of the individual portions alone knocks them straight out of the ‘Afternoon Tea’ category.

So instead of baking, today’s Monday Munchies will discuss: What is Afternoon Tea?

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