I could never edit for Peter Jackson…

I could never edit for Peter Jackson…

Well it’s here… the VLOG!

Whose bright idea was it to do this? Oh yes, that would be me…

Hmmm. I wanted it to be ready before now but, well, here’s a few things I’ve learned about me vlogging:

  • I talk too much.
  • I talk too fast.
  • I say ‘SO’ a lot.
  •  And ‘Erm’…
  • I look at my face rather than the camera.
  • I probably shouldn’t have balanced the camera on a cushion.
  • Usable footage is about 1/5 of what was filmed.
  • Editing is a nightmare.
  • My hair annoys me…
  • …but not as much as technology!

It’s also too long in my opinion – I’ll totally understand if you don’t have time to watch it – but I didn’t want to leave any questions out and like I said, I waffle! Maybe I should have split it across a trilogy and released an episode a year…

I still had fun doing it though and the main reason for it was to say thanks to you lot for reading / commenting and basically sticking around and making me feel it’s all worthwhile. 🙂

Therefore, here’s a big list (in no particular order) of everyone who commented on the announcement posts, whether you asked a question or not – please go check each other out because you’re all awesome for many reasons (obviously… you read my stuff!)

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No crying here…

No crying here…

Nobody knows where my banner has gone,

But WordPress breaks all the tiiiiiiime.

Oh, why won’t they recognise,

Twelve months of writing onliiiiiine?


It’s my party, ’cause my blog’s a whole YEAR OLD,

My blog’s a whole YEAR OLD,


Thanks EVERYONE for reading my wooooorrrds!


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