Wednesday Lensday: Nostalgia

Wednesday Lensday: Nostalgia

The theme of this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is nostalgia, something that we humans often seem fixated on: things were better back in the [insert favourite decade here]!

Now I’m quite a nostalgic person which is not helping my current situation of helping to clear my late grandfather’s house – I’m  keeping the daftest of trinkets because they hold some little memory for me. Perhaps I need to be more ruthless with the sorting but it was my childhood home so…

My grandfather was similar in his sentiments for memories. For example, we have so far found every birthday / Christmas card dating back to the late 60s, hundreds of pens which have been dutifully labelled to display the amount he won at bingo with them and of course many photographs.


But the single image I’ve chosen for the challenge shows items from two of the most popular decades for nostalgia buffs: The 40s and 80s. And they serve as a great example of the changes for humankind my grandad saw in his 97 years. I’m sure when he was working on planes during WW2 he never imagined we’d one day have machines powered by the sun or that he’d be video calling people across the globe!

What makes you nostalgic? What do you think future generations will look back on and want to bring back to life in some retro revival? I hope it’s not shell suits…

Image Credits: My own.

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