Lacunae: Chapter 1

Lacunae: Chapter 1

Around two years ago, I began writing this story and then, just like GRRM, I lost momentum and everything went on the back burner. Unlike GRRM, it will be nowhere near his calibre of literary achievement but I’ve decided to start posting it a chapter at a time with the hope that this will force me to finish it.

I’d describe it as YA science fiction (I have shared what was intended as the prologue before) so I realise it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But any feedback, good or bad, would be appreciated! Thanks (in advance) for reading… I guess I should go and write some more installments!

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‘Seismic activity continues this morning around Mount Ludlow. Reports state that readings on the Richter scale ranging from 2.2 to 3.8 have been logged, following tremors throughout the night. Emergency services were called to several residents in Romanside after the largest tremor, occurring around 1.15am, dislodged a communication tower, causing it to crash through the roof of a neighbouring apartment block. Casualties include a young woman who was trapped beneath debris for a number of hours. She is now recovering in St. Austen’s infirmary and said to be in a stable condition. No further injuries were reported, but many residents have been treated for shock. We go now to Ben Danton who is at the scene in Romanside…’

“I felt it.” Iris bounced onto the sofa, tucking her feet underneath herself.

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Tuesday TWOsday!

Tuesday TWOsday!

It’s true, I’ve turned TWO…
An endeavour that saw me…
Over keyboard to empty thoughts in my…
Igniting fears of ‘Will this be…
Yet my Field of Posts I wrote and you…
A small, cheery gathering, my own piece of…

Friendships formed over thousands of…
Shared stories, images, teardrops and…
Discovering new authors, musicians…
Talented people, creative…
Some stopped by for a…
Others still here…
Many I miss, ending sites along the…


To begin my own theme took me a…
It’s random at best, I have my own…
A natural faddist, this you already…
My attention span embarrassingly…

So, the fact I have have made it this far…
Over 200 posts is all down to…
DEREK (I’m kidding, YOU!!)
I can’t thank you enough for entering my…
A love for writing, once again…

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy each…
As Aloada adventures on to the…
Yes, it’s true, I’ve turned TWO,
IN BLOGGING, happy ‘blog’day to me!

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Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 10

Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 10

Hi all!

Writing Tiny Tales has been very much on the back burner of late, as has the completion of a printed version of my first collection of micro-fiction (the digital format is available here though, hint, hint!)

So, it was definitely time to address the issue and it turns out I’m finally into double figures with these 6-word snippets – although 10.1 would be more precise following a repost of my 2015 Halloween stories with a 2016 reboot!

Anywho, I’ve still been dipping into Nicola’s challenge over on Sometimes Stellar Storyteller and this week’s prompt word is LIBERATED.

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Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories: Create your own HORROR!

Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories: Create your own HORROR!

Last year, as a veritable fledgling in the world of six word stories, I posted this collection with a Halloween-y theme. And I couldn’t repost without an offering for 2016, so have some evil clown…

Let’s make that smile more…permanent!


You’re not laughing now, are you?

However, this year, I’d love you to have a go at your own and put them in the comments. Plus, remember if you like micro-fiction but want more than six words, there’s still time to enter Pat’s challenge for Tweetable tales over at I Can’t Possibly Be Wrong All The Time #Microstory

So come on, join in  – the creepier, the better!

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October 2016 #MicroStory Challenge

October 2016 #MicroStory Challenge

Seeing as I was 33% responsible for cajoling Patrick into hosting this competition, I thought it was only fitting that I promote its existence! Get on board, try your hand at penning some tweetable micro-fiction and spread the word!
Okay, time to start thinking about my submission…

I Can't Possibly Be Wrong All the Time

Hey! Every month I post all the MicroStories I’d tweeted during the previous month, but this post isn’t about that so much. Some of my blogging friends suggested that I host a MicroStory contest, asking people to submit their own flash fiction entries. To be judged! (But not by me.)


This is entirely based on one of the suggester’s own weekly contest: Nicola Auckland hosts six word story contests over on her blog, Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. She has regular contests where people submit a six word story, based on a theme she provides. I won’t be that restrictive in word count (but, knock yourself out if you want to harness your inner Hemingway.)

Here are the rules:

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