Wednesday Lensday: Mannakin

Wednesday Lensday: Mannakin

When your mum suggests a day out, I’ll assume that for most of you, that means something like a nice lunch, maybe a shopping trip, a pleasant walk or a visit to a theatre.

Perhaps I’m stereotyping mothers but whilst she’d happily do any of the aforementioned activities, there’s certainly nothing stereotypical about my mum and I wouldn’t have it any other way! So, when she opted for a day at a mannequin graveyard for Halloween, I didn’t bat an eyelid.

The ‘graveyard’, Mannakin in Lincolnshire, is the dumping ground for full-bodied and dismembered dummies of all shapes and sizes. A passionate collection accrued by the site’s owner over many years, from vintage creations to just plain odd.

And it’s completely fascinating. You can buy direct, attend craft days or, like we did, have the place to yourself to take weird and wonderful images. Sadly, some mannequins have been damaged by fire but I found these to be the most interesting.

These are some of my favourites of the day, which some will have already seen on Facebook (I’ve just been lazy in sorting them into a blog post).

And then there’s Susan… the ‘child’ I acquired on the visit who now sits proudly adorned in succulents, after a little upcycling, in my kitchen.

Guess I’m just a chip off the old block… 😉

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Mannakin

  1. I think you have the beginning of a captivating coffee table book here, Haylee. Those images are gripping. Now there needs to be a story about Susan coming to life late, late at night. I don’t think it will be a fairy tale.

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    1. It was such a great place for photography, I’d love to have some larger prints made to hang but I don’t think my other half would tolerate them… he only half accepts Susan. I think he believes, like you say, that he (yes, Susan is a boy) will spring to life in the dead of night!!

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  2. That’s a weird place but like you say makes for some good photos. That poor boy with no arms, he wasn’t on the front row when they were giving out good looks was he 😂

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