Lyrical Lockdown

Lyrical Lockdown

During the final two weeks of term, the pupils were set various challenges, whether still at home or school, one of which was to create a song about life in lockdown. They could either do this from scratch or alter the words of a well known song.

As someone who often changes the lyrics in songs (not always intentionally), I wanted to have my own stab at this. And as I’m not very musical (more on that later), this was the easier option.

But which to choose as a starting point? I thought about ‘Trapped in a Box’ by No Doubt as an ode to cabin fever and the chorus of ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me‘ by The Police will be a mantra for a long, long time! (Clearly the rest of the song is not appropriate subject matter for someone in education though…)

In the end, I settled on these lyrics, to the classic tune of ‘I Will Survive‘. And in case you can’t hear how these would fit, I’ve helpfully supplied you with a video. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to scoop Gloria Gaynor for the remix, it’s myself.

Full disclosure: my vocal talents are inversely proportionate to hers and my editing skills decrease at a similar rate. So, out of tune, out of sync!

Enjoy! Maybe it’ll be a summer banger. If only I had TikTok…

(A personal reflection on a pandemic)

First I was afraid,
I couldn’t go outside.
Kept wondering how could I ever live,
With germs all by my side?

And I spent oh so many nights,
Just wondering how to keep things clean,
From this brand new virus,
Called Covid 19!

So I bought gloves,
And lots of bleach,
But I didn’t buy my toilet roll,
It was all sold out for weeks!

I had soap and sanitiser,
Washed my hands whilst singing songs.
And the queues at supermarkets,
Went on and on and on.

Work closed,
What should I do?
I know, I’ll play a lot on Xbox,
Watch some Netflix and Youtube.

That got boring really quickly,
I had to have fresh air.
So some socially distanced exercise,
I always missed that Clap for Care..ers!

I read books,
I built a pond.
I baked a lot of cakes (and ate a lot),
But my sourdough went all wrong.

I bought a telescope to see,
The moon and far beyond.
I even tried some ballet,
But my knees didn’t last too long!

Musical interlude…

They said, “Protect the NHS”,
Don’t let it fall apart.
So we all stayed home,
To save lives and paint rainbow art.

Then they flattened down the curve,
Told us just to ‘Stay Alert’.
But how? No-one knew,
So they started not to care.

And now they’re back,
The lockdown’s through.
But I won’t be rushing to the beach,
Or down the pub with you.

Those of us still cautious,
Won’t feel sorry for ourselves.
We know, despite what Boris says,
It’s better for our health.

So, no not I,
I’ll stay inside,
For as long as I can whilst I know,
That Covid’s still alive.

If I must be nearer people,
I’ll be sure to wear a mask.
Please don’t be a Cov-idiot,
It’s the least we can ask…


CREDITS: Lyrics, poor vocals and badly edited video by myself!

Original music by Freddie Perrin and Dino Fekaris.

No Doubt video via Youtube.

25 thoughts on “Lyrical Lockdown

  1. Hello stranger. But….it appears it’s me that hasn’t been keeping up with the ‘reader’ part of wordpress and so have just been catching up on your earlier posts from this year. Haha, love the song. I think my daughter would be very upset to hear that you suspect 70% have done nothing over lockdown. She’s been tearing her hair out trying to do home schooling with 3 children all at different key stages, none of whom thought doing school work every day at home was a great idea. There’s been tears and tantrums – the kids weren’t too bad though 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello stranger back! I think you’ll have notice the massive gaps in my posts to suggest that I too am guilty of not keeping up with the blog.
      As for school work, I feel her pain. There were plenty that tried (and some that pushed and over-achieved) but so many treated it as a long holiday and didn’t even check to see if their child was doing basic reading. We get that during normal term though, so nothing new! Hope you’re well 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I’m fine thank you. My old blog is a bit forlorn and pretty much abandoned but I set up a book review blog a couple of years ago, so have concentrated on that mostly. Over 50 reviews on there and still going strong. I found my niche 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, good for you! I used to feel like I had to post something but I’m quite happy now with the odd piece when I feel like it. If you’ve found something you enjoy, that’s half the battle. Can you help me translate that to exercise?! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant! I bet Ms. Gaynor would love your version.

    Do you have to supply your own PPE at school? I follow the health experts’ advice, ignoring Trump’s ignorant blathering, but I’ve become more concerned since the virus resurged over here and they’ve determined that children 10 and up spread the disease as easily as adults. So be careful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sue and I will be, don’t worry! PPE is only required at my school if administering first aid. So if I wanted to wear a mask all day, I’d have to supply it. But with everything else, including the PPE we have, they’ve gone to the excess, of anything. Our management have been really good and although some staff are becoming a little complacent, overall were a very cautious bunch and nobody if decrying their loss of freedom! Plus, in the role I’m in, I’m able to socially distance from the children and still support them. And nobody comes in my room without consent!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent! Your students must think you’re a hoot! Just fabulous! …and so the big question…are you back in the classroom for the new school year??? My youngest started today as a high school freshman (year-round school) – the plan is on-line for one month and then they will assess whether to go to the hybrid schedule. She is enjoying being on-line. I don’t think going into the school is going to happen….it’s all a waiting game…stay safe TO SURVIVE!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know they think I’m absolutely crackers!! They’ve not seen it and I’d like to keep it that way!!

      I’ve just finished school for summer. Most have been out of school since March, only key worker children and those deemed vulnerable have attended. We stayed open during all the other holidays but now fully closed for 7 weeks and apparently back to normality for the new academic year in September.

      I worked from home until 6 weeks ago, then back daily. We’ve done similar, online for those at home and a mixture for those attending. Unfortunately, we think there’s probably 70% who’ve done nothing though. So a lot of catching up needed!

      Good luck for her freshman year – such a weird way to start it though.

      Liked by 1 person

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