Wednesday Lensday: Grandeur Abandoned

Wednesday Lensday: Grandeur Abandoned

Burton Constable Hall is a large country house, approximately 10 minutes drive from where I grew up. The Grade I listed, Elizabethan property that stands today, began its construction in the 1560s and is surrounded by 300 acres of parkland designed by Capability Brown.

If you were to visit the hall, you’d likely learn that it has been the seat of the Constable family for over 400 years. You’d probably marvel at the interiors decorated in original furniture and features from the 18th century and you may even discover that parts of the building date back much further to Medieval times.

It’s several years since I’ve wandered in its peaceful grounds and the last time I explored the rooms, everything was distinctly larger and taller, so it was lovely to return over the Easter holidays with my mum.

Yet, as elaborate and intricate as the ceilings, bedrooms and even the radiators were, the rooms ‘dressed’ in their original splendour were not the most interesting to me. All a little too ostentatious and gilded.

So, we embarked on the ‘Cobwebs and Cream Teas’ tour, a behind-the-scenes meander allowing access to the cellars, long abandoned servants’ quarters, the attics and roof. All ending with a well deserved afternoon tea!

A little like urbexing for people who have dodgy knees and don’t like having to keep one eye out for officers of the law…

Seeing the house from its fragile side, in a state of disarray, wallpaper peeling and mold creeping in the corners, was fascinating. A public image projected to the world of wealth and beauty, whilst quietly crumbling in private over what had been lost.

But for me, this was where her real beauty truly lies, where the dust collects and the ghosts still linger…

IMAGE CREDITS: All my own, so please be sweet and ask before sharing.

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Grandeur Abandoned

    1. I only found out by chance after looking up the tearooms. They run them monthly during summer I think but only one tour and max of 16 people. Good value with the food and full access to house and gardens though!


  1. Oooh I went there a considerable few years ago. It was a girls weekend away from the office. We stayed in a hotel in Beverley and went to the races on the Saturday (zzzzz I was so bored, it’s really not my thing) then Sunday we went to Burton Constable. I loved it there, thought it was really interesting and much warmer than a windy race course. Looks really good looking round the abandoned parts of the house. We also went in the bell tower at Beverley Minster because one of the ladies was a church bell ringer so got us a back stage pass so to speak, though I’ve a feeling I may have told you this before.

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    1. Haha, you were at the top of my street in both instances – from childhood haunts to literal top of the street for the Minster (I’ve rung the bells there too, such fun!) I know what you mean about the races though – most locals avoid ladies’ day like the plague!!


      1. Would have been 2002 I think probably. The hotel was a pub I think with the rooms in a kind of courtyard at the side of the pub bit.

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  2. We often overlook places close at hand. I wonder if it’s a case of familiarity breeding contempt, or we just don’t see things right in front of our noses? You’ve reminded me to look closer to home and visit some of the jewels nearby. Thank you Haylee.

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