Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: O is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: O is for…

I can’t belieeeeeve it! We’re already at the letter O.

And we’re heading back into British comedy history for today’s shows. I’m sure you may have already worked out one of them!

Grumpy, older people seemed to be a tried and tested formula when it came to comedy back in the day and Victor Meldrew, from One Foot in the Grave, was no exception.

Forced in to early retirement from his security guard job (replaced by an automated ‘box’), he finds dissatisfaction with just about everything: kids playing in the street, people parking incorrectly, the noise of the milkman clinking his bottles too much. And he makes a point of telling everyone and anyone who will listen about it!


Despite this, he was portrayed (by Richard Wilson)  as quite a likeable character, who we could sympathise with over many of his disgruntled reasons! (I am slowly turning into a version of him and my mum is already there, over parking issues!) It was a funny look at older life and although we may have mocked his approaches, I for one hope that I’ll still stand up to people being rude or anti-social as I get older.

However, the cream of the ‘O’ crop has to go to the wheeling and dealing of the Trotter clan in Only Fools and Horses.

Part of British comedy royalty, David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, continue to delight audiences in re-runs of the show, where they tried to execute get-rich-quick schemes as brothers Del-Boy and Rodney, often out the back of their three-wheeled Reliant Regal van.


Living in a high-rise in South East London, the pair and their granddad (and later their uncle), were always only a few steps away from the law, but everything was done with a cheeky smile, a good heart and peppered with random French phrases as Del-Boy attempted to be sophisticated. Mange tout Rodney!

Hands down the funniest episode I remember watching was one where Del-Boy, after trying to look suave, fell through the open hatch of a bar. Cried with laughter for such a long time afterwards – over what was, essentially, a very trivial event!

Watching the show was almost like a rite of passage growing up – let’s just skip over the fact that I used to be teased for laughing like Boycie though, shall we? 😉


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