Wednesday Lensday: Animal Antics

Wednesday Lensday: Animal Antics

It may be Valentine’s Day, but I certainly haven’t been giving my camera much love recently! However, a couple of days ago I ventured out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with my Mothership and set about snapping some beasts.

(If you’re in the North of England, YWP is well worth a visit and very good value for money, compared with many of the larger safari parks.)


The park is the only place in the UK that you can see polar bears – as part of their Project Polar, they currently have four males in residence and are continuing to upgrade their extensive roaming space and help with their conservation.

There are plenty of other animals on show too, from lions, tigers and leopards to my new favourite – armadillos! I could have watched them running laps around the enclosure all day. We were also treated to a ‘fight’ between two of the giraffes. Apparently, one is an annoying youngster that doesn’t play fair. But he’s only tolerated for so long!


The images are some of the ones I liked best from the outing but as you know I like to tinker with photos, I’ve tampered with my favourites and added some effects and filters to make them more like artwork. I hope you like them!







IMAGE CREDITS: All mine (some enhanced with Prisma filters), so please be sweet and ask before sharing 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Animal Antics

  1. Nice day trip. Do they have any plans to bring in a female polar bear, or would that be too disruptive with four males? Do they ever bring in snow for them? The giraffe shot is priceless — it looks like the big one took a cheep shot as the littler one was leaving. You can feel what he’s thinking. lol

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    1. I’m not sure about a female – I don’t think at the moment they’re involved in a breeding program. Not on site anyway. As for snow, no! Only if it falls naturally. It’s one of the questions they get asked the most I think but apparently it’s warmer in the area of Canada they frequent than it is in our part of the U.K. so I don’t think they mind.
      The larger the giraffe was SO tolerant. Allowed itself to be constantly paraded around with its leg in the air. But after around twenty ‘attacks’ its fury came out!

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    1. That’s what it was!! The smaller one kept hitting first and managing to get the other one’s leg over its head. But the bigger one soon retaliated – it was the noise more than anything as the necks thwacked against each other :/

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