All the best people usually are…

All the best people usually are…

Crackers. Bonkers. Eccentric. Weird. Odd. Quirky. Mad as a box of frogs…

All terms used for someone who is a little bit strange, several having been used to describe Yours Truly over the years. Often by my mother…


And I’m fine with that. I’ve always rather liked being slightly off-centre to Ordinary, even using it for ‘My Banana Cray-Cray’ post to introduce myself to the Blogosphere when I first started this site.

But now I’ve started doing things that even I find a little bizarre. Am I going mad? You tell me…

Case Study 1:

Last week, I went for a peruse around our local department store, being on the lookout for a particular sized frame. This required me to enter the ‘homewares’ area, somewhere I rarely venture, so I used the opportunity to have a gander at their other items for sale.

Upon reaching the bedroom section, I became aware of a display, surrounded on three sides by shelves of duvet sets and decorative throw cushions. Something drew me to the central piece and I calmly walked over and began…


You see, the display bed was all ruffled, the duvet corner was sticking up at an angle and the cushions…well they just weren’t symmetrical enough at all!

I was around half-way through my second sweep-down of the cover, to smooth out the wrinkles, when I stopped short and realised what I was doing.

What on Earth was I doing?


A furtive glance around told me that it was unlikely anyone had witnessed my moment of madness. But just in case, I made a very big deal of feeling the duvet cover fabric before announcing, to nobody, that it felt a bit cheap and walking away. Maybe I should have included a jaunty whistle for extra effect.

I never did find the picture frame…

Case Study 2:

For several years, I worked as an operations manager for a large cinema. At one point, I was in charge of food and retail and had it drummed into me about the importance of stock rotation.

So it was natural, after it becoming second nature at work, to apply the same rules at home – something I’ve yet managed to train Sam to do. He gets rather upset after helping me with the shopping, when I go back into the cupboards and move everything he’s put away. And then turn all the labels to the front.

Okay, so I may have one or two OCD-type tendencies…

However, in the long run, it’s good practice to prevent food waste.

Then there’s the other things I ‘stock rotate’. You see, I’ve recently clocked myself rotating plates and dishes. Because I don’t want them to be left out…


Yes, you heard me. I’m worried I hurt the feelings of my best China (it’s from Ikea, nothing fancy about it) if I don’t use them regularly.

There’s only the two of us at home, so logically we only need two of everything. But, like most people, we bought a full set of crockery and cutlery when we moved in.

Goodness knows where the spoons have gone…

Anyway, when putting things away after washing, I find myself not only mentally rotating the plates / dishes but also TALKING TO THEM!

That’s right, I tell them that, “’s okay, I’ll move you to the top and it will be your turn next time.” Like I’m placating a child who was pushed aside in a playground game.

So there’s the evidence. It’s now up to you, my lovely readers, to be the jury that passes judgement on whether I have, indeed, lost the plot!

I also think my nose is growing. Completely unrelated but a concern nevertheless. I don’t mean in a Pinocchio, lying type way. It’s more of a fattening than a lengthening. Which is unusual as it would typically go to my hips.


But I’ve done some research, and whilst I’m aware that ears continue to grow as you age and I’m (unfortunately) very aware that us ladies have a tendency to jump on the bearded band-wagon as the years progress, I wasn’t ready for my nose to change!

So I’ve spent a lot of time staring into the mirror at my nostrils from various angles and trying to compare the current look to older photographs. Sam just rolls his eyes at me when I ask his opinion, but then that’s nothing new!

Let me know in the comments whether you think I should be carted off somewhere – or show solidarity and share the weird things you do. I’d love to hear them!

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33 thoughts on “All the best people usually are…

  1. I do hope you haven’t been carted off to a ‘funny-farm’ yet?! (Although a few of us had a few ‘quick visits’…) Just came across you again after checking some old posts of mine…tee hee. Cheers. x

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    1. Haha, no I’ve not been put away yet! Nice to know people are still reading / rediscovering my weirdness, seeing as I’ve not posted in over a year! Hope all is well in your world πŸ™‚


  2. Reblogged this on Joy Lennick and commented:
    Love it! I think…I’m fairly normal but have a small pottery dog given to me a thousand years ago (well 60! +) & a tiny china pig, sitting taking notes (eccentric & a favourite) & I make sure he’s sitting in the right position so he can hear said dog…(really!) x


  3. I can sort of relate to the bed thing, there’s a tiny fragment of OCD in my DNA that tends to surface around any crooked pictures I might encounter.

    Talking to crockery isn’t too bad, although if the crockery starts to answer, you might want to book a little chat with your local shrink.

    I sometimes used to worry about my own sanity, but then I began to realise that most of the human race are a bit bonkers, in one way or another. Embrace your madness, howl at the Moon if the mood takes you. And always remember: ‘There ain’t no sanity clause..’

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    1. I actually looked into howling with the wolves (at the moon) when we were considering going to Canada this summer. It’s apparently a thing.

      But I don’t think I’m in danger of having a two-way conversation with the crockery, although I’m sure they discuss with each other how crackers I am when I’m out the room! πŸ˜‰

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  4. I would have been on the other side of the bed, helping smooth and equalise the covers, hospital corners if the sheets are not fitted. Underwear goes in the drawer on top of existing and I take from the bottom (not punny!), socks are given equal wear, shirts are taken from the right, and returned to the left in the wardrobe. What is OCD, I don’t recognise the term?

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    1. Glad to have another ally! I’m sure most who have served in the military would find it hard to ignore the order instilled in them. My grandad was very methodical and that stemmed from his days in the RAF. You’d have to teach me how to do hospital corners though!

      I hope nobody thinks I’m making light of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – I understand it’s a very real problem for many people, debilitating enough to prevent some from leaving their homes. But there seems to be a large proportion who display some of the traits, albeit to a much lesser extent.

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  5. Yes you are weird lol. I have to admit thought that having worked in retail before too I often find myself ‘facing up’ all the items on the shelf and sometimes if there’s an empty tray with a full box behind it I put the new full one at the front and then I launch the empty one over the top of the aisle…ok so maybe not the last part but still, weird?

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  6. I had always heard that ears AND noses continue to grow, although I would think it should be possible to firm up excess nose flab by a regular program of sniffing and wrinkling reps throughout the day. Like nasal Kegels.

    Your Case Studies made me laugh and laugh and laugh — Hugh the dog came to check on me.

    I grew up following my mother’s rule that we couldn’t go out and play AFTER school unless we’d made our bed BEFORE we went to school. It became such a habit to get-up-and-make-the-bed that it took years of re-training as an adult to overcome the compulsion to make any unmade bed I happened to walk in on. I do, however, continue to make my own bed the moment I get up. Thank goodness I sleep alone.

    My spices are alphabetized. All labels face forward. I rotate dishtowels, hand towels, and my t-shirts in their drawers. I rotate through 3 coffee mugs so none of them feel left out, but I leave the chipped salad plate on top of the salad plate stack and always use it first, so it knows it’s still wanted. But the plastic Harry Potter catching-the-golden-snitch plate is the only one I use for sandwiches.

    I think maybe my selective OCD behavior in these areas is carefully crafted to compensate for my otherwise notable lack of organization. The rest of my surroundings are rather free style and undisciplined, and I don’t mind because I take comfort in the chaos. So you tell me — what is it exactly that earns us the label “bonkers”?

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    1. Haha, nasal Kegels!! πŸ˜‚
      This is tremendous Sue! I think if we put a screen shot of your comment next to ‘bonkers’ in the dictionary, nobody would question the definition! I love that you like the broken salad plate to feel wanted (I apologise to items I have to dispose of for similar reasons).
      I say, All Hail the Bonkers Brigade! The world surely benefits from our eccentricities! 😊

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      1. I heartily endorse the formation of the Bonkers Brigade! Though I suspect from the responses you’ve received here, there will be more people in the parade than on the sidewalk watching. πŸ™‚

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  7. Haylee – Nothing here sounds bizarre to me at all…it fact, it all sounds quite soothing and attentive…in that quirky unflappable OCDish sort of way. Here’s to organizing the world, whether it wants to be organized or not. πŸ™‚

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  8. I do the plate thing! I also do it with t-shirts. I have a lot if t-shirts (it’s not uncommon for me to receive multiple t-shirts for birthdays and Christmases) and I genuinely worry that some of them are feeling neglected. It’s a genuine concern that sometimes keeps me awake at night…

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    1. Haha! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I still stand by the fact that most materials can be traced back to some living organism so there could be feelings in there somewhere. At least this is fact in the encyclopaedia of my brain!


  9. At least you gave me some good laughs. I’m not really happy about my growing ears and new facial hair, but so far I think my nose has behaved. I don’t think you’re nutty. I think you just find some things more important than some other people do.

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  10. My nose is DEFINITELY bigger than it used to be. Recently, I found a bundle of old photographs, some of which were from my 19th birthday. My nose was a tiny little button of a thing back then! It was LOVELY! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my nose now, but it’s certainly put on a bit of pudge over the years. Also, I have two mugs that only I am allowed to use and I use them on alternate days so they each get equal use. No one must touch my favourite tea towels – I even have tea towels that I deem ‘too good’ to actually use. This is barely scratching the surface. As a fully signed-up, card-carrying member of the bonkers brigade – my friend, I salute you!

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    1. Haha, please to have a fellow loon along for the ride! I didn’t even think about tea towels – but yes I have some that will never be used. Which is odd considering my standing on equal rights for crockery!
      The nose thing is very strange. Perhaps there’s a calling for a new fitness fad to tone up the nostrils!

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