Lacunae: Chapter 5

Lacunae: Chapter 5

Hello all – time for Lacunae: Chapter 5!

Originally, this was going to be a prologue. Whilst I still like it as such, I’m hoping it works better to move the story along as a chapter. It has a completely different tone to the rest that I hope to develop for certain sections going forward.

I have posted it before, as flash fiction, although this has some additions – previous comments had wanted more details on the ‘characters’, which I’ve tried to address.

Anyway, hope you like it. As always, comments and you stopping by to read it are much appreciated! πŸ™‚

If you missed Lacunae: Chapter 1, you can go right back to the beginning and read it HERE.



Clouds rumbled overhead, heralding the arrival of rain. The first drops met the ground sporadically, evaporating on the scorched earth, yet soon began to fall with more urgency, each grounded drip attracted to another like a magnet. They quickly joined forces, grouping to form rivulets, as they forged an unrelenting path through the desert sand.

Spurred on by the legions of droplets rushing to join from above, the liquid fingers spread outwards, searching for cracks to explore. Downwards they groped, caressing the untouched rock, probing further. Once the route had been scouted, ahead of the torrent, the eager surge asserted control, breaking through into…


For a moment, the fluid was once again suspended in air, free-falling and cascading, finally grounded for a second time, pooling wide and deep. The resulting splash echoed across the cavern until it ebbed into silence, save for a rhythmic drip that became less frequent as the minutes passed. Above, the deluge had abated and moved on, unaware of the repercussions it had triggered beneath.

The returning stillness, that had enveloped this underground hollow for years, was short-lived: ghostly vapours spiralled upwards from newly heated waters, as a slow ripple formed on the lake. Multiple followed, faster now, until the entire surface vibrated like a silent drum-roll with the promise of what was to come. A sudden, sharp intake of breath broke both waters and the expectant hush.

Tilting its head upwards, a smile spread across a serene face and ancient senses drank in the surroundings, unhindered by eyes that remained closed. It rose further, allowing wings to unfurl and shake themselves free of moisture, whilst all around, others continued the same routine, until several creatures stood waist deep in the freshly formed pool.

The first to emerge was taller than the rest, with sleek, fire-kissed hair that flowed over its shoulder onto glistening skin. It was aware of the others, breathing in their scent as it turned its head to acknowledge their arrival.

Slender upper limbs stretched outwards, as the creature sought silent attention. In a trance-like movement, the group angled their bodies towards the one at the centre, to receive unspoken, unseen commands.

Minutes passed in calm reverence for the being that each was instinctively connected to. With wings taut and ready, the tallest snapped open liquid amber eyes and in a single movement, the whole collective flew upwards towards the light, circling to escape.

The Lacunae were reborn…



Credits: All words copyright of Aloada Bobbins. Image from

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