“…the Renegade Master…”

“…the Renegade Master…”

“…D4 damager, power to the people!”

In other words, as Wild Child and Fatboy Slim once said, I’m “back once again, with the ill behaviour.”

Well, perhaps no ill behaviour, I’m very low key rebellious these days…

Hello! Have you missed me? I’m mean I’ve been gone a whole two weeks, I’m sure many will be experiencing symptoms of withdrawal by now. Or is that just me? 😉

So what have I been up to in my ‘extended’ absence? Mostly, mundane chores that have been put off for too long, if I’m honest. Finishing clearing my grandfather’s house in prep for its imminent sale (which has now fallen through, but that’s another story) was priority.

This, and the time of year, then prompted a huge clear out of my own house, failed attempts to sell things online (why are people such rude time-wasters?) and multiple trips to the recycling centre and charity shops.


Clutter. Trinkets. Pointless gadgets. Latest fashions. Money all thrown on a metaphorical bonfire. So, I think I’ve now reached a certain level of enlightenment: I no longer want things.

I still have a desire for dresses though…

You still with me? Good.

It wasn’t all no play for Haylee though, so let’s see what else I’ve been doing since we last caught up.


Visits to our City of Culture events, from Weeping Poppies to Lego daffodils – I even got interviewed for the local radio!

FullSizeRender(11) (800x602)

IMG_4824 (800x800)

A weekend in Leeds to see Russell Howard’s stand-up show, accompanied with visits to rooftop gardens and shuffleboard antics.

FullSizeRender(10) (800x662)

Afternoons wandering museums to explore our local folklore…and attempts to (unsuccesfully) solve associated riddles.

IMG_4600 (600x800)

And an Easter Sunday outing to watch sword fights and drunken knights on horses in a jousting tourney!

FullSizeRender(11) (596x800)


Having some time away from the blog has allowed me to actually finish a book! And the one I’ve been enjoying is Portergirl: The First Lady of the Keys.

51MdKrR0PtL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_ (214x320)

You may already know the author, Lucy Brazier, through the blogosphere. The story, a partly fictional tale of her time as Deputy Head Porter at ‘Old College’, had me laughing out loud and wanting to purchase a bowler hat at the first opportunity!

Cambridge college traditions, twisty cobbled streets, ancient passage ways, intrigue and eccentricity all melded together with humour and the priority of finding a decent chocolate biscuit! If you fancy giving it a read, you can purchase it HERE.


Having been a huge fan of the Serial podcast (season one, two was…meh), I jumped on the current bandwagon and downloaded S-Town.

s-town-itunes (800x800)

Starting off in a similar vein as Serial, with a mystery to solve, it quickly becomes apparent that this is more a ‘people’ story. The central character, John B McLemore, is a quirky, troubled individual, possibly hiding more secrets than those dug up in his conspiracy theories about home town, Woodstock.

I wasn’t a fan at first, but as I like the delivery of these podcasts from the This American Life team, I stuck with it. And I’m glad I did. Perhaps not worthy of the hype it’s received but certainly worth a listen on a drive to work.


Well, it hasn’t been films – only two in April which is seriously down on previous months!

As for TV, I’m back on the campaign trail with Alicia Florrick in Good Wife Season 4 (I love courtroom dramas) and entering the delusional world of Norman Bates in the final season of Bates Motel.

We’ve also started a show that I’m so far enjoying: Sneaky Pete featuring Giovanni Ribisi as an ex-con con-artist posing as one of his fellow inmates to infiltrate their family. It also stars Margo Martindale and Bryan Cranston, so it has to be good!

Finally finished Luke Cage (oh my…it seemed sooooo long!) and began Leftovers. Only one episode in and I have no clue whatsoever! But at least there’s Justin Theroux…



Tea. Naturally! But for my birthday, I requested a new teapot (I got two!) and a selection of teas that were far removed from my usual Rington’s tea bag.

IMG_4489 (800x800)

Several Bombay Chai and Flowering Japanese Jasmines later and I think I’m a convert! Expect a blog post soon with more details!


Well, as it was Easter, I queued on Good Friday with all the other people who probably haven’t set foot in a church in the last 12 months except for weddings and funerals, to purchase good old fish and chips! With hot-cross buns for breakfast and chocolate eggs for dessert, I was well on my way to proving I was a part-time Christian – if faith was only based on menus… (BTW, I don’t actually follow an organised faith, I just like Haddock!)

IMG_4838 (800x800)

We also attended the first Hull Street Food Night, another event in the City of Culture calendar, in front of the magnificent Holy Trinity Church. Stilt walkers, reggae bands, deck chairs and an assortment of vendors selling their culinary delights wrapped in hessian napkins and organic bread buns.

It’s as Hipster as I’ll allow myself to get.

And that’s about it, apart from re-modelling the garden after contractors dug it up and ripped my plants out following a fibre broadband installation. A grumpy phone call and several days later (I’ve demurred lately, I used to have quite the reputation of making complaints armed with burning torches and pitchforks!), they reimbursed us for everything.

Oh, and we booked a holiday. Yay!

I’d love to say I got lots of writing done but this is the first time I’ve tapped anything out on the keyboard beyond a few words. However, there will be future posts explaining some of my antics in more detail – because everyone needs to know the best way to spring clean your windows…

Until then, hope you’re all well, happy Earth Day and here’s to a lovely weekend. It’s good to be back!

IMAGE CREDITS: Mine plus People.com, Player FM, Pinterest and Amazon.

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    1. Thanks Sandra!
      I just got sick of seeing money I’d spent disappear for no reason… and we also have a tiny house! I’d say the best way to get your husband on board is pile everything in boxes and then build a wall of them around him!

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