Moodle Army #10: Free Reign

Moodle Army #10: Free Reign

It’s time to show off the artistic talents in this week’s edition of the Moodle Army!

As every good parent or leader knows, it’s important to foster independence and allow your charges off the leash now and again – which is what I encouraged this week with the theme of Free Reign.


There were several ways this could have been interpreted, depending on which spelling of the homophone you opted for. My own interpretation was to take the angle of anything I liked…but this week it may be tinged with a little sadness.

As we’ve reached Week 10 of our Moodles, I’ve decided to give the Army Artists a little break, a temporary hiatus (for good behaviour!)

Unfortunately, with a house move to finalise, some upcoming trips to plan and commitments at work, I’ve been struggling with time to create posts and what little I’ve had has been used to ensure the Moodles go out on time. So, I’d like to redress the balance of my content.

FullSizeRender(10) (638x800)

Therefore, my hourglass has a double meaning: I’m calling time before I run out of it for other duties!

But do not despair, the Moodle Army WILL return later in the year, possibly when the months seem darker and we need more of a positive pick-me-up. I’ve very much enjoyed creating the challenges and seeing the marvelous, often hilarious ways your brains (and talents) have developed them.

I am indebted to all of you who have promoted the positive vibes, whether through sharing, commenting or taking part: I hope my fabulous band of Moodle Recruits will still return to the cause after their extended leave! (And of course, should any of you wish to lead the challenge in my absence, I am happy to relinquish the role!)

Once more, with feeling… a mahoooosive thanks to you all. And now, for the last, yet not final, time let’s get on with the entries!

No day is complete without a collaboration of coffee, according to Sandra!
What Sandra Thinks

coffee-phone-sketch (567x800)

Sue is giving power to the raindrops and urging their freedom!
Space, Time and Raspberries

screen-shot-2017-04-03-at-13-59-13 (426x599)

I can’t describe as eloquently as James can why he arrived at this (slightly anxious looking) pigeon – you’ll have to read his post for yourself!
James Proclaims

pigeon (739x683)

And finally, Mark knows the chicken king will be in a fowl mood, unless he’s being raised free reign-ge…
Mono Images…Mostly

unnamed (565x800)

And as a special treat, here’s a collage of every other entry over the last ten weeks!

Stay positive peeps… [insert famous Arnie Schwarzenegger quote] πŸ˜‰

Image Credits: Mine or via links given.

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14 thoughts on “Moodle Army #10: Free Reign

  1. Thank you for having led us this far, Haylee. The opportunity to dust off whatever sketching ability I used to have that has lain dormant for many years, has given a boost to my idea that I might truly be able to illustrate my children’s book. You will deserve the acknowledgement you receive. I’ll be watching for the chance to re-up in the Moodle Army.

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  2. Reblogged this on Space, Time, and Raspberries and commented:
    Unless one of the recruits takes up the flag, Moodle Army Challenge #10 marks the beginning of a campaign hiatus. I suspect we will all use the time to attend to less pleasant aspects of life as we watch for the mood-changing call to re-up! Till then, we have been given Free Reign.

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  3. I don’t think anyone can replace you as leader of the Moodle Army, but rest assured I shall continue to moodle away on my own blog for the forseeable and I look forward to the reunion when that happy day arrives.

    Liked by 2 people

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