Wednesday Lensday: Medieval Meanderings

Wednesday Lensday: Medieval Meanderings

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to visit the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Not only is it a fabulous, free museum packed full of weaponry and armour dating back from Anglo-Saxon times to modern day, but it is situated down by the river, which allows for some nice photography.



Whilst I don’t advocate violence or war, I have to admit I do love military memorabilia and looking at weapons – swords in particular. It was very sobering to think that many of those housed in the building have taken lives, both human and animal.

However, it was equally as fascinating to see the changes over centuries, especially from other areas of the globe (my favourite gallery was the Oriental display, featuring original Ottoman Empire items and a whole section devoted to Samurai… and elephant armour!)

There was even a full suit of armour belonging to Henry VIII, which Nasa studied when they first sent astronauts into space, seeing it as a possible solution to space suits!


The photographs from inside the museum weren’t as clear, which is a shame, so I’ve only included one. This image of the Hall of Steel – a tower bedecked with spears, swords, daggers and shields, which can be viewed from the bottom via a mirror – I was happy with.


As  well as having seasonal jousting competitions, the Armouries also offer the opportunity to shoot crossbows. So naturally I had a go! Let’s just say that I am more adept with a longbow, with ‘adept’ used in a very loose way!


Back on home turf, as if the cosmos wanted to extend my Medieval adventures, I had the chance to do some hawking at school, as part of a new topic. Feeding a Harris Hawk and Saker Falcon was the highlight of the week – I just wish I had been brave enough to snap a selfie as it came in to land on my arm!

Image Credits: All my own.

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11 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Medieval Meanderings

    1. Indeed it is! Although I’ve heard it’s a little deeper than the average garden variety 😉 Hope you’re well – I don’t seem to see you around Twitter as much these days.

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  1. I visited Leeds Armoury about 15 years ago when I was single. It was fantastic. I remember they had elephant armour and we also saw the jousting. I keep saying to my husband we need to go there and take the children. I remember visiting another place which was where one of the civil war battles were fought (it was almost 20 years ago and I can’t quite remember which place it was), but they had visitor centre and I was able to try on chain mail. It is an experience that I have never forgotton. It was obviously a replica but it flowed over you like silk! I was able to try it on as I am rather petitie – as it was really for children to try on. It was incredibly heavy.

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    1. I’m very jealous you got to see the jousting! You should definitely go back, I imagine it is somewhere that is made even better by the curiosity of children. I wasn’t expecting chain mail to feel that way – I want to try now! Any excuse to dress up 😉 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. Very cool. I saw an armory at Windsor Castle, I think. There was Henry VIII suit of armor there, too, Not only was he a big man, but he apparently had a serious *ahem* health problem that required a certain portion of his suit to be disproportionately large. It certainly gave him an imposing presence. 😉

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