Moodle Army #4 is open!

Moodle Army #4 is open!


Moodles – Doodles to change your mood for the better! Will you take part and enlist in the Moodle Army? Read on for this week’s challenge…

In an attempt to invite other Moodlers, I had a request…nay, a PROMISE that one particular blogger would take part if the next theme was Kylie related. And let’s be real, there’s only one Kylie – none of this Jenner nonsense!

So submissions for week 4 may help you release emotions that you just can’t get out of your head by taking inspiration from one of her earliest hits…

Draw your LUCKY CHARM!

What would you choose, a horseshoe? Rabbit’s foot? Box of cereal with a dodgy leprechaun?

I look forward to the interpretations!

Challenge runs until 9pm GMT on Monday 20th February. Link a post or send your images via email to

Happy Moodling!

P.S – Don’t forget to share!! 😉 Thanks!

Image Credits: My own, adapted from one found on Pinterest.

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37 thoughts on “Moodle Army #4 is open!

      1. It’s probably more known by Americans or members of the Greatest Generation and their offspring. I knew who she was, but I admit I had never researched the artist till I read your caption about the images you use. I hope people understand that Pinterest isn’t a photo originator — it’s where people who “borrow” other peoples photos post them without proper credit. I find it funny, but sad at the same time.

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      2. It’s true, that many people may not realise that.
        I think in the modern age of the internet, it’s incredibly difficult for most to pinpoint who an original artist or photographer is, with the zillions of images circulating the web. I try to give credit as far as possible but even when I’ve used direct website links, there’s no guarantee that shows the originator.
        That’s why I think it’s important for artists to watermark work and include metadata on digital uploads, to try and link it back to themselves as much as possible. With this image, it is available as commons media – Pinterest was just a handy place to grab it from as there are generally versions available that mean I don’t have to resize for the blog. 🙂

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      3. You’re right, watermarks would make it easier. Although I know crediting the artist’s name still isn’t the same as obtaining permission if you want to use an image for commercial purposes, I just feel really strongly about giving credit where it’s due. But I also know how much commitment it can take to track down artists in cyberspace. I spent 300 days writing a daily fantasy/adventure serial about a snail. 🙂 I accompanied each installment with a photograph — some of them are amazing — and I often spent an hour or more digging deeper and deeper to find a name. Even so, out of 300 shots, there were only 3 or 4 I never found. The whole issue can become a quagmire. I suppose that’s why so many people just use images as though they appear magically for everyone to snag. 😉

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