My Handy Crush Saga

My Handy Crush Saga

As it’s almost that time of year again, (and I’ve had a surge in new followers recently – hello and welcome!) I thought I’d reshare my Valentine crush post from last year.

My tastes remain the same with an added edition this year of ‘Floki’ from Vikings (not sure how I missed him before). See the guyliner reference further along for an explanation – oh and I discovered he’s a Skarsgard (Gustaf to be precise), so naturally he has good genes!


Anyway, on with the drooling…

February 14th. That day in the year when you’re supposed to show love to one and all. Stuff the other 364 days – they don’t matter, apparently!

When a day has this much supposed importance, having the right person to share it with should not be taken lightly.


So, who would be your ideal Valentine? Who, if you were lucky enough to find a genie in a bottle, would you be conjuring up to lavish you with affection?

I’m not talking about your significant other – naturally they are THE one you want to spend the day of love with. But what about the free pass? I’m meaning those unobtainable ‘deities’ that, should they come knocking on your door, you’d be filing for divorce papers asap!

Therefore, today I thought I’d share my list of beautiful people who’d make the grade.

It has to be said, I’ve no desire whatsoever for anyone of these people to suddenly arrive, flowers in hand, to whisk Β me off my feet. To me, they are more ‘works of art’, especially the ladies, who I’d be happy just to look at, uninterrupted, for a few hours!

Let’s begin with the female beauties, ladies first and all that! Now I’m strictly heterosexual but that does not stop me appreciating a stunning woman. A female form, overall, is just more pleasing to the eye – sorry gents!



For many years, I told people that I’d happily have Angelina Jolie, painted in gold (like in Beowulf – terrible film, she looked divine) standing in the corner of my room, as an ornament. I do think she’s far too skinny now, but she still has goddess status in my book and is my all time, favourite brunette!

Eva Green – stunning, mysterious and bat-shizzle crazy. I, quite frankly, can’t think of a better way to be! Then we have the cutesy Zooey Deschanel. I’m a sucker for large eyes and I’m hoping that if she turned up, she’d bring her wardrobe too – not that I’d be using her for the dresses, but hey…

Finally, Rachel Weisz. Sultry, elegant but also has a down to earth look that isn’t intimidating. She has a air of vintage Hollywood and screen sirens of the past, that has always appealed.



Cate Blanchett is a handsome woman. When she’s on screen, I’m captivated. She exudes style, strength and effortless chic. And those cheekbones…

I first crushed on Natalie Dormer in The Tudors, when she was a brunette but I’ve now become a major fan of her face in Game of Thrones (obviously!). Her skin looks flawless and I do find myself somewhat hyponotised!



Again, both these beauties have an aura, a presence that is more than their looks. Gillian Anderson has aged well since her first days as Scully in the X-Files. Her role in Hannibal showed off her style and elegance and again, her cheekbones are amazing!

I really don’t know what it is about Julianne Moore. She’s attractive though possibly not as stunning as some others on the list. Yet, something draws me to her face, time and time again.



Who says beauty fades with age? These three woman, with a collective age of 210 years, are incredible. Okay, I know that plastic surgery can do wondersΒ  – Goldie Hawn is boderline too much – yet again, it’s more than that. They are full of life and spirit and sass. Dame Helen Mirren is THE hottest OAP on the planet, hands down!

Okay, time for the gentlemen. Making lists for this post and then finding the relevant images led me to discover one thing: I have a type. I’ve never thought previously that I did have a particular look I was attracted to in men (or women for that matter, but it seems with females, I like cheekbones!)

All the men on my crush list fall into one or more of the following categories: Moody, beardy, charismatic, piercing eyes, killer smiles. Also, if they’ve played a vampire, have a notable accent or wear a waistcoat, seems they tick the box. Maybe someone should psychoanalyze me…



Alexander Skarsgard, the mean, enemy vampire (to begin with) in True Blood. I was always a much bigger fan of him (and his face) than old Bill. Much like I preferred Spike to Angel’s wet blanket act in Buffy. Damn, I forgot about James Marsters…

Aiden Turner, currently the lead in Poldark, played a moody, reluctant vampire in Being Human. And I was hooked. I stopped watching when he left. Oh, and he’s Irish.

However, ultimately, it’s all about Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Strictly speaking, I fell for him in his role as Henry VIII, opposite Natalie Dormer (smouldering!) but he has played Dracula, so goes in this section. FIT!



I’m a full on Marvel fan and I can’t deny there have been some incredibly beautiful people cast in the roles of X-Men and Avengers alike. However, off screen, and in other roles, they are equally as captivating.

When Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were cast together in X-Men: First Class, well… swoons-a-plenty! Tom Hiddleston is a late addition to my crush list but anyone wearing guy liner gets a vote (and Loki wears it so well) plus, this dude can dance!

But my all-time, superhero crush has to be Wolverine. He may be a grufty bugger on screen but Hugh Jackman’s smile is the key to this crush. Oh, and the accent. And the eyes. And…never mind, you get the point!



Norman Reedus. The only reason for watching The Walking Dead. In this, he’s dirty, he’s greasy, he’s moody. There should be nothing to like about him but he’s HOT. Enough said.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Many moons ago, I was subjected to weekly views of wrestling. The Rock got me through it and despite his neck likely being wider than my thigh (I’m not one for the muscular types), I can smell what he’s cooking: It’s smoking…



Robert Downey Jr. (#Team IronMan) is 50 – full of ego and charisma. Ken Watanabe, who piqued my interest in The Last Samurai, is 56. His voice, love it. Patrick Stewart…don’t know, maybe I love his bald head, there’s just something about him – 75. And finally, the sexiest Bond ever, Sean Connery – 85. Need I explain?

So there you have it, my Handy Crush Saga. Do you agree, or do you have crushes of your own that would blow these out the park? Let me know in the comments. Happy Valentine’s weekend y’all!

Image Credits: Originally from Pinterest, edited with BeFunky collage maker.

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18 thoughts on “My Handy Crush Saga

  1. You have great taste in women.I’m not sure what the rules are on heterosexual men having man crushes (I’ve always been under the impression that it’s not allowed), but as a happily married (to a woman) man I totally get the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson fascination – the man is pure charisma.

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    1. Haha, thanks! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a heterosexual male acknowledging the looks of an attractive bloke (putting it in writing makes you light years ahead) – I just imagine many would only do it if forced and remain fairly inaudible, then swiftly down a few pints and shout ‘whey-hey the lads’ to top up any lost testosterone! Or perhaps that’s just because I’ve grown up around rugby players and cricketers!! πŸ˜‰

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      1. Yeah that pretty much sums up my kind. We’re a feeble bunch really (he says taking another beer out of the fridge just in case testosterone levels have actually been compromised…)

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  2. I have one…Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight…I know…dumb/silly…but I’d pick the vampire for eternal love. Love you picks. πŸ™‚

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