Wednesday Lensday: Looking back at 2016 snaps!

Wednesday Lensday: Looking back at 2016 snaps!

It is Wednesday, right? I get ever so confused when I’m not at work and it’s this in-between holiday period!

As was lucky enough to get a new camera for Christmas (a Sony CyberShot),  I thought I’d look back over some of my favourite photos I’ve taken in the last year with my iPhone… although I’m sure they won’t be the last ones I’ll take with it, it’s so flippin’ convenient!

I’ve wanted a new ‘point and shoot’ device for a while (much to Sam’s dismay) because I’ve just never really got on with the DSLR, admittedly being too lazy to master the controls and finding it too cumbersome for my little fingers. Yet, as much as I love using my iPhone (and I’m happy with the results), there are just some things you can’t do with it, so hoping my new present will bridge the gap.


Many of these snaps you’ll have seen, although some were Instagram only entries. All were taken this year and each one I hope you enjoy looking at again. They’ve certainly helped to remind me that there have been some good parts to a pretty awful year for most. Keep smiling and stay positive everyone. 🙂



Dino Dates17













Taken with NightCap Pro. Long Exposure mode, 1.65 second exposure.





Image Credits: All my own.

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19 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Looking back at 2016 snaps!

  1. Are those two toy dinosaurs in front of a church??? I always stop when I see something like that and take a photo. That is the great aspect of the iPhone, but I agree, you just cannot do everything with it. I have a new years resolution to try to figure out my DSLR or my panasonic Lumix. But then you have to consciously carry them. Whereas with the iPhone, it is just always there. I am looking forward to your photos with your Sony Cyber Shot in 2017.

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