Web of Wonder #8

Web of Wonder #8

 Hello everyone, hope you are all well!

Today, I bring you my final post before Christmas (and incidentally my 200th offering!), and the last WoW (not the RPG game) of the year. I’ve really enjoyed doing these collections over the last year and hope you’ve enjoyed reading them…because I’m continuing int0 2017!


Naturally, some inclusions have gone a little festive this time but there are plenty of other gems I’ve discovered whether you love or loathe the C-Day. So take some time out from the wrapping, put your feet up with some mulled wine and enjoy Web of Wonder 8!! 🙂


I’ve used OK Go videos in these collections before – they’re fantastically creative, whether you’re a fan of their music or not. Their latest single, ‘The One Moment’, is no exception and begins with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it barrage of colour.

The rest of the video plays the same scene back in slow motion to accompany the song. How they match it to the beats and lyrics is genius!


It may be a little late in the day for your festive decorations this year, but if you’re looking for something more contemporary, keep this in mind for next.


I’m a fan of updating traditional tales and scenarios for a modern world, so loved this Hipster Nativity. Re-imagining how things would play out if Jesus was born in 2016, it features Mary and Joseph taking a selfie, some organic cattle, a solar-powered stable and the Wise Men delivering their gifts (from Amazon) on segways!


Aside from no ‘real’ hipster buying from somewhere as commercial as Amazon, I think it’s hilarious. Not cheap though…$129.99!

Images and more info via boredpanda.com


The Mannequin Challenge took off across social media in the last part of the year, with everyone from next door’s dog to the White House getting in on the frozen action.

If you don’t know what it is, basically you and a group of friends stand as still as statues whilst someone films the scene, circling in and out of the participants. There have been some very clever takes on the whole idea but one of my favourites was from the Magic Circle. I’m sure there’s some clever editing going on but no strings in sight = Haylee mesmerised!


If you’re visiting the Swedish city of Malmo, keep a look out for some cute urban artworks that have popped up and being billed as their answer to Banksy.


Art group, Anonymouse, has created miniature shops, restaurants and various other buildings…for the use of mice!


These whimsical sculptures are found at ground level on real buildings around the centre and are incredibly detailed. Like a tiny fairy-tale community, it makes me want to go all Alice in Wonderland and shrink for a look inside. Magical!

Story / images via Huffington Post.


Christmas is a time for heartwarming stories, miracles and making children’s dreams comes true.

Meet Murtaza Ahmadi, a 6 year old from Afghanistan, who is a huge fan Lionel Messi. His story went viral in January when social media spread the word that he wore a blue and white plastic bag as a makeshift kit of his favourite player’s national team and went out playing football in it daily.


Word got back to Messi, a goodwill ambassador for Unicef, and this month, Murtaza was able to meet his idol to be given a real Argentinian shirt and lead out the Barcelona team before their match in Qatar.


If you watch the video via the link, you’ll see he didn’t want to let him go! Awwwww…

Story / image via theguardian.com and Huffington Post


With a Star Wars spin-off in cinemas this Christmas, the love for the franchise doesn’t look like going away anytime soon. Parodies and homages by fans are a-plenty online but this one by Bad Lip Reading had me giggling.

If you don’t know the YouTube channel, you should check it out – they do some hilarious dubbing of NFL games and now they’ve turned their attention to Yoda and his apparent phobia of…seagulls!

Taking an iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back, the re-wording is brilliant and it’s quite a catchy tune!


Bohemian Rhapsody is an instantly recognisable, undeniable classic that has been emulated and parodied countless times. There’s currently one doing the rounds on Facebook using the names of famous (and not so famous) footballers in place of the lyrics. The way it has been put together is very clever and despite me only knowing about eight players, it’s fascinating to listen to and sounds like it’s in a new language!

However, this version above was one I saw at the beginning of the month and is a interesting way or dramatising the lyrics literally.


And finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of Wham! But are you ready to hear the classic festive heartache ditty…shittyfluted?

Yes, another Youtube channel gem covers well-known songs with the aid of a recorder – that’s played about as well as the majority of us did as when they were forced upon us in primary music lessons!

You’re welcome 😉

Which just leaves me to say that I hope you have a fabulous weekend, whether you’re celebrating or not and you get to spend it in a way you most enjoy.

Thanks for the continued support with my little blog – to everyone who has read, liked, commented and interacted with Aloada Bobbins, it means so much. You’re all stars! 🙂

I’ll be back next week before the New Year, with a round-up of my favourite films of the year, so until then eat, drink and be very merry!!


Image Credits: YouTube, Bitmoji and via links to websites given.

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