Wednesday Lensday: Poppies and Propellers

Wednesday Lensday: Poppies and Propellers

A repost from last year, but I feel it’s more important than ever to remember those that fought for our freedom, soldiers from all races, nationalities, religions and backgrounds, in a battle against hatred.

So here, again, is my small tribute to those who have protected and fallen, a commemoration of Remembrance Day, Armistice Day and Veterans’ Day being observed by many nations around the world today, on November 11th.

Lest we forget…Love Wins.

Close to my home is an old airfield, Lissett, which during World War II was the home to RAF 158 Squadron, Bomber Command. It is now the site of a windfarm, where each of the turbines is named after one of the 11 aircraft that flew from the base as a memorial to the airmen lost.

SDC12320 (2)

Outside the entrance stands a metal sculpture, designed by local artist, Peter Naylor, which depicts a team of airmen emerging from the mist. The sculpture is inscribed with the 851 names of people who lost their lives on active service from Lissett airfield and stands as the only Bomber Command memorial in the UK.

As I’ve always loved both planes and wind turbines, it’s a place that I enjoy stopping by if I’m in the neighbourhood but unfortunately, few people know of its existence as it’s tucked away off the main road and has little signage to tell you it’s there. However, it does serve as a dramatic backdrop for many a photographer, who can be seen snapping away, attempting to evoke the atmosphere of years gone by.

As the symbol for Remembrance Day is the poppy, I decided to play around with my images and combine a couple taken of the flowers (that I wasn’t happy with as they were poorly focussed), drain them of colour, aside from red, and overlay them with the shots of the sculpture.

Poppies and propellers 2

This was my first real dabble with Photoshop or similar but I’m quite pleased with the results. I hope you like them too! 🙂

poppies and propellers 5

Image Credits: All my own, so please be sweet and ask before sharing! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Poppies and Propellers

  1. This year I’ve read about three books which were historical fiction. Unusual for me as historical fiction isn’t something that has interested me before. All three were based around world war ii, one of them covered both world war one and two. Reading these made me realise how many lives changed drastically and not for the better in many cases, and just how many young lives were lost. No, we should never forget.

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