Aloada Reviews: Smart Scales

Aloada Reviews: Smart Scales

Product reviews? That’s not something I usually venture into, is it?

However, when the lovely Betty from Beets Blu contacted me and asked if I’d like a set of their smart scales in return for an honest review on Amazon, I was happy to oblige. And whilst I wasn’t obligated to share the review on my blog, I thought I would as I know there are several of you that follow who are currently on a weight loss / health regime, so it may be of interest.


If you’re not, well…scales are always handy to check you won’t be going over your luggage allowance, right? 😉

I’ve been in possession of these scales for around two months now and I can honestly say I’m very impressed, using them on a daily basis.

It’s the first set of smart scales I’ve owned  – in fact the first ANY set of scales I’ve owned. Hmmm, that’s not strictly true… I use scales for baking. Let me rephrase; the only set of ‘HUMAN’ scales I’ve owned. 

Smart scales though? Didn’t have a clue what they were – was it just marketing speak for looking good? Were they cleverer than the average weight recorder?

What it actually meant was they were more specific than regular scales. Able to track your overall weight, they also read your fat, muscle density and BMI by sending a tiny electrical (unnoticed) charge though your body when you step on them.


Set-up was incredibly easy with straightforward instructions (included) to take you through the initial calibration process (simply switching on and standing on / off within a specific time period to register the system). However, in order to track your weight / BMI etc, you will need to download the free Beets Blu SmartScale app (available on both iOS and Android) and the instructions don’t necessarily make this immediately clear. There are QR code links on the box to the relevant app stores, but some people may not realise what these are used for. Without the app, they still function  as regular scales.

Once the calibration / app download is complete (requiring less than five minutes of your time), you simply need to have the app open whilst standing on them for a few seconds (ensure each foot touches both metal strips for a clear reading).


The unforgiving data is then instantly transferred to your device (via Bluetooth) and that’s when the shouting starts…

Sorry what?

Yes. The app will SHOUT OUT your statistics! Hopefully, you’ll be well on your way to congratulating yourself for all those early morning runs with such affirmations as, ‘Whoo! You are looking F.I.T. today’.*

Unfortunately in my case, the seismic early warning alarm* kicks in and I’m left cursing cupcakes the world over for ever flaunting their frilly icing in my direction!

This is not the full screen shot – I’m not about to start sharing my weight and although I’m improving, you can see it’s slow!

* Okay…so they don’t really shout at you and say those things. But the app does verbalise your measurements and certainly acts as an incentive to sort out your eating habits once and for all (you can of course put it on silent!).

As an iPhone / Apple Watch user, other plus points include the seamless update from the Beets Blu app to the Health function within iOS. And they do look the part too: ‘smart’ could easily describe the aesthetics, which are slimline and stylish. The black glass and metal design fits perfectly with modern day bathrooms.

The only negative I would have is the fact you must use them on a hard floor – no lino / vinyl can be used (which is present in many people’s bathrooms) unless you re-calibrate each use. We don’t have that issue personally but it does mean I can’t move them elsewhere unless I use a stone slab or similar to stand them on.

That said, it wouldn’t deter me from recommending them. So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of weight recorders, you can find links to them on Amazon below, plus a link to the official Beets Blu website for further details.

Click here for link.

Click here for link.

Click here for Beets Blu website.

Image Credits: My own

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10 thoughts on “Aloada Reviews: Smart Scales

  1. Hey a 1.4lb weight loss in 30 days is not to be sniffed at. Better than the 1.4lb gain I keep seeing on my scales. I’ve got some scales like that only they’re pre smart phone age. They tell me something, 31% which is a percentage of body weight, don’t know if its fat or muscle tho’ as instructions are long gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’d still like it to be a little more noticeable though 😊 I think that’s why I like these because they link to my phone. I don’t think I’d take notice as much if I had to read it from the scale every day and I like that I have a record over a month / week. I’m so dependent on phone to exist it’s ridiculous!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. HA! I used to assume that people with electronic scales were drug dealers! But that probably says more about me than them…
    (The Tony Blair website will be live next week – you are marvellous as the Minister for Health!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marvellous! Quite an appropriate post then, prior to my forthcoming political appointment 😊
      My kitchen scales are drug dealer worthy – Sam bought them when he first started brewing at home. He would also order the ingredients off the internet and they’d often arrive as large packets of white powder. I was naturally concerned he had some sideline going on…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Most appropriate indeed!! 😀 I have done a bit of home brewing also and the ingredients and peripheries are certainly dodgy-looking. Still, the results tend to be worth the suspicion of the neighbours… 😉
        Have a super weekend, hun 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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