Wednesday Lensday: Minster of Magic

Wednesday Lensday: Minster of Magic

Firstly, I’m seriously slacking this week with blogging and scheduling and such. Life is busy, sorry!

But back to the images. I love churches and religious architecture, despite not following a particular faith, so being a stone’s throw from the Gothic finery of Beverley Minster means I’m utterly spoiled. It’s a magical place.


Although I’ve taken images of its exterior multiple times, I have few of the inside: there’s usually an event taking place or you can’t find someone to issue you with a permit or whatever. However, during the Heritage Weekend Open Days, they cleared out all seating, allowing you to wander at will and see it as it had been when originally built. So snapping away I went!

There are numerous mini-chapels and areas for prayer and contemplation within the larger building and even though there were many visitors, it was easy to lose yourself and feel like you had the place to yourself. My favourite image is by far the one of the deconstructed organ, hidden away in an area I’m not entirely sure I was meant to be in…


Ooh, did I mention I also got to ring the bells (I’m not in the photo)?


Maybe I’ll upload the video of my attempts at some point. Until then, I hope you enjoy my local Minster of Magic!




Image Credits: All my own.

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25 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Minster of Magic

      1. Maybe, but it also requires talent and a creative eye to be able to see and capture photographs that leave an impression. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks Charlie! Yes, it’s hard to ignore how beautiful and serene these buildings are and that they should be appreciated, whatever your denomination (or lack of).


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