Wednesday Lensday: FUNday

Wednesday Lensday: FUNday

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge has the theme of FUN.

Of course this can mean a variety of things depending on the individual: some find fun from binge watching their favourite shows, or from collecting all manner of paraphernalia and displaying it on shelves, whilst others would be overflowing with ennui with anything less than scaling a skyscraper, having only their selfie stick to keep their balance!


However, I’m sure most would agree that when the word FUN is mentioned, one thought that often springs to mind is of a fair. I do love the thrill of a roller-coaster and the atmosphere of a funfair but I’ve always had a fascination of abandoned theme parks, wanting to capture what it’s like after all the colours, sounds and smells have left the fairground.

So when the travelling fair, that has been entertaining our neighbouhood for well over a century, was ready to roll out for another year, I took my camera along to see what I could snap. It was a little creepy that the carousel was still spinning…

I hope you like them, let me know what you think!








Image Credits: All my own

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33 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: FUNday

      1. Haha. I think one of the great things about photography (and art, generally) is that the viewer can project their own experiences and ideas as they interpret what they see!

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  1. I like the one reflected in I assume a puddle? And the one underneath, very zig saggy and the one underneath that of the horse chomping at the bit with its beady eye looking quite wild, its quite an eery one that.

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      1. Haha, I quite liked saggy! And yes, it was a puddle – one thing that is usually guaranteed when the fair is in town is rain! I know what you mean about the horse – as a whole unit, I find carousels lovely. But the horses themselves can look quite evil!

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    1. Thank you! I photographer friend of mine took some at dawn when there was still a mist around. Now they were eerie!! (I was too lazy to get up for those images 😉)


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