Web of Wonder #6

Web of Wonder #6

Ooh, there have been so many wonderful webby offerings collected over the last month, that I’ve had to narrow it down to my favourites. I hope you find the sixth installment of Web of Wonder just as interesting as I did. And as always, if you’ve seen something remarkable on the internet, it always good to share!

I look forward to your thoughts – Happy Weekend everyone! 🙂


Remember when you were a child –yes, that may be a loooong time ago for some of us (me!) – and you’d swing your legs back and forth on a chair, generally to be told to stop? Other than because we couldn’t yet reach the floor (also STILL me, in some cases…) why did we do it? Was it the sense of freedom? Were we exercising our growing limbs or simply fidgeting? Whatever it was, I’m sure we all did it and now you can have the same sensation, thanks to a man in Italy.


A former designer for BMW, US-born Chris Bangle moved to an Italian village after leaving his job. Here he decided he wanted to give something back to the community and began his first giant bench build. The Big Bench Community Project was born!

As bbc.co.uk said:

‘The project encourages the installation of colourful benches in publicly accessible spots with breathtaking views. When you sit on one, legs dangling beneath you, you feel like a child again and experience the wonders of the world around you with a fresh perspective – that, anyway, is Bangle’s intention.’

Retaining a child-like outlook on some matters is a good thing and feeling small within our huge world can often help put things into perspective. I so want one of these!


And it seems I might be able to: If you want to know more about how to arrange your own installation, click this link for the official Big Bench Community website.


And if the big benches made happy, how about this huge natural grin?! Images captured as the Kilauea volcano erupted in Hawaii earlier this month appear to show a very content lot a lava! It’s the ultimate smiley 😀


And from huge to the microscopic. Rachel Beltz is a 20 year old artist from Pennsylvania and as her company, Little Quill Studios, might suggest, she creates miniature marvels in watercolour.


Using real-life props for a sense of scale, her gorgeous paintings started after she created some as gifts for her family and saw how impressed they were.  Check out her story on boredpanda.com and see more of her intricate artistry. Images from Pinterest and designwrld.com



…and then some! This story came up only this morning and it has Blown. My. Mind.

Scientists studying sharks in Greenland already knew that these creatures lived a long time due to their slow growth rate but it even surprised them to discover one STILL ALIVE and circulating the Arctic waters is…wait for it… 400 years old. Legendary!

They’ve estimated there’s a possibility that she could be somewhere between 272 and 512 years (due to inaccuracies with carbon dating), so have hedged their bets with a middle ground. But still, to think that there are creatures still on this earth who have ‘witnessed’ the crazy evolution (and desctruction?) of humans is insane to me.

Greenland shark

Apparently, they don’t reach sexual maturity until they’re about 150 and due to over fishing before WW2 for their oils, they are still feeling the consequences, with most having not reached puberty yet. Talk about the ripple effect through time…

Essentially, she could have been born only a few years after the Americas were discovered and yet she’s still happily pootling around the ocean. Do you think they have conversations moaning about the neighbourhood going downhill in recent years? 😉


I used to love skipping at school, jumping in and out to chants about cops and robbers, dolly peppers and Cinderella. But Double Dutch (two-rope) skipping I couldn’t master – only the really cool kids managed this lightening fast pastime. I blame my ra-ra skirt getting caught on the ropes…

But these guys…wow! They are like superhero level Double Dutchers. Taken from a competition in Hong Kong, not only do they skip at a mental rate but they then relay and have to whip those ropes around for their teammates. Exhausted just watching. Oh, and if you want to enjoy it even further, one YouTube comment said to view it on mute whilst listening to ‘She’s a maniac’ from Flashdance. Totally works!


These days, lip syncing seems more popular than the average karaoke star trying to get on The Voice. Jimmy Fallon does it brilliantly with his array of guests and from that an entire show was built into Lip Sync Battle with the never aging, Ladies still Love Cool James and the ‘mad as a box of frogs’ Chrissy Teigen. Yes, I love them both!

So naturally, the YouTubes want in on the action too and Motoki does it so well. I’ll admit I’d not heard of him before seeing this video trending but it’s a great compilation of some chart hits and I don’t know what’s better, his performance or the deadpan expression of his mum!

And finally, one of my older man crushes, Sir Patrick Stewart! I just love this guy (and his shenanigans with best mate, Sir Ian Mckellan). He’s never afraid to make fun of himself and just seems to continue to have a blast.

Oh and he’s a country singer. Who knew? 😉 This delightful collection, filmed like a shopping channel infomercial, shows that the lad from Yorkshire can croon along with the best of the Americans (plus his wife). And if you pop along to the dedicated website  you’ll find it’s all for a good cause – The International Rescue Committee.

Number one? We really should make it so…

Image Credits: YouTube and via links to websites given.

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      1. Ooh I would. Well not THAT close obviously but I’ve always wanted to see one erupt (and experience an earthquake). Just wasn’t clever enough to make it my job.


      1. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love one in the community at large, but I really need one just for me. I’m not sure it would fit in my garden, but I’m willing to give it a go…

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