Wednesday Lensday: My Instagram Story

Wednesday Lensday: My Instagram Story

As Instagram launch their new feature, Instagram Stories, I thought I’d share my own ‘story’ of using the social media app.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks – I was loathe to join previously, thinking it was nothing more than pouting girls and another outlet for Kardashian exploits. Well it is that, if you choose to follow them, but I’ve found that I’m quite enjoying the quickness of sharing and viewing (some incredible) photography from around the world.


Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Selfies, feet and food still dominate.
  • People follow to follow then sod off again when you don’t want to join their 10K+ throng.
  • The filters are pretty.
  • In most cases, don’t believe #nofilter.
  • Hashtags are as important as tagging blog posts.
  • There’s not a sense of community like the blogosphere.
  • 5pm (GMT) is one of the best times to post.
  • It has done nothing to boost traffic to the blog.
  • I reckon most people have bought their followers.

That last point may sound bitter… it’s not, I’m simply baffled how someone can have 3,000 followers yet only have five posts: two selfies, a cat, a bowl of porridge and their hands in a heart shape. Purchased for sure.


Anywho, for the most part, I’ve been sharing images that have previously appeared on the blog but I’ve tried to mix it up a little as one or two of you are following along (thanks!)

So the ones here are those that have been ‘Insta Exclusives’. Well, if you discount Twitter and Facebook… (and one or two I’ll most likely put on IG this week).


As for their new feature, I’ve not used it yet but I hear it’s like Snapchat (hence why Snapper Chatterers are up in arms). Not that I can comment, as I don’t do Snapchat. But then I said that about Insta… so expect to see me wearing some cat ears around 2019!


What’s your relationship with Instagram? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments. Oooh, and if you’d like to follow, you can find me on Instagram @aloadabobbins or by clicking the link at the bottom. Have a great Wednesday! 🙂










Image Credits: All my own.

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44 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: My Instagram Story

  1. I keep thinking about your observations on Instagram and the one I now have come to recognise is the one about having 10K followers but three photos. How does that work? How do you purchase followers, and why would you?

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    1. It’s a numbers game to some people, the same as Twitter – unless you have a certain number of followers you won’t gain more (in a ‘going viral’ sense) as people won’t think you’re imports enough to follow in the first place. So I guess that’s why some buy. I’ve had loads of ’empty followers’ recently, offering to give me 10k new minions in a single click. I just block them! Ah, the fickle nature of social media!!


  2. I’m like you, a recent convert. I just follow books and tea people. It’s a nice wee universe. I like going there – it’s safe and undemanding and escapist. I learnt this the other day: f4f. Will ya?

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  3. Love the photos. I want a kite like the big one! Not for me I think, although you never know. I still “do” Facebook but rarely comment, and seem to spend more time ticking “see less of this” or “hide this post”. People just don’t seem to understand that all manner of folk, including their grannies, or employer, or future employer, may see what inane or abusive comment they have made. I think that the blogosphere is a more friendly and supportive arena, and rarely do we see nastiness as in other forms of social media.

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    1. Thank you 😊 The kite was HUGE!! How some of the fliers managed to stay upright with the gusts was incredible.
      I know exactly what you mean about Facebook : my old employer was very strict (as are most schools) about posting on social media. People are daft if they think they can get away with a comment and then delete it later – somebody will have seen it somewhere! And I agree, the blogosphere is a much nicer place (from what I’ve experienced so far).

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    1. Thought you’d like those – he (or she) was a random little visitor this week to my garden. Very much the show-off! As for Insta, I know what you mean. I doubt I’ll be joining anymore social media outlets. It’s too tiring!


      1. I’d revolt if a job required me to install / use something that essentially allows you to dress up as a virtual plushie (or whatever the term is for that fetsish) 😉


  4. I adore Instagram. I regularly scroll through my own feed and just feel so happy looking back at the memories. (Apart from maybe the dodgy fox selfie…😳😁)
    I don’t feel obliged to follow friends (or anyone for that matter) so there’s none of the Facebook drama and I purposely avoid feeds full of t*ts and teeth, oh and food! 😂
    There’s an awful lot of creativity in that app, once you’ve navigated your way through the heavily styled cups of tea of course. 😉

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    1. I definitely need to explore more, I’m a little overloaded on following travel/ monochrome images so could do to broaden my search. I like being able to scroll back and have all the pics in one spot too – dodgy selfies and all (that fox suited you far too much btw!)

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  5. I really took to Instagram from the start. I love sharing my own images and discovering the huge variety of creative image-making going on in the world. It can give you a glimpse into other lives and experiences. Of course some of those lives can appear rather shallow and narcissistic, but such is life. It doesn’t have the community you get with FB or WordPress, but I still enjoy it as a showcase and a kind of telescope on the world

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    1. I like that description, ‘telescope on the world’. I suppose it’s just human nature to be nosy and want to know what other people are getting up to, even if half the images are carefully manufactured and unrealistic snapshots on their lives!

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    1. You’re welcome! If I was a teenager, I’d have been all over Insta and Snapchat in seconds when they were first released. I’m explaining my late arrival with ‘I waited for it to mature as a service’ rather than ‘I’m not cool enough anymore’! I now have visions of you owning a 1980’s style brick 😉

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    1. Aren’t they?! I should be used to it from Twitter but it’s still annoying. Still, it just shows how few followers I have that I realise when one has disappeared!


      1. How much time have we got? *looks at watch* …honestly, there are so many reasons… I even wrote a post about it once. Me and social media don’t get on. I only really use WordPress, and Twitter very occasionally! I do miss elements of Instagram though. I just say!

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  6. I’ve had an Instagram for about 5 or 6 years, but only last week did I decide to revisit it after years and years of absence… My experience has been much the same as yours, it’s a nice window into some impressive photography from different corners of the world, but ultimately I find it doesn’t really translate into a “community” and, to me at least, it makes posts feels quite empty.

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    1. I know what you mean. Aside from blog friends who follow, the comments I’ve had on images have been very bland. I always make a point of commenting back but I get the impression people aren’t bothered about the interaction, it’s more of a signpost to look at something of theirs. That said, I am enjoying using it. I was a die hard Facebooker for years but now I’d say my top spot goes to Twitter, with IG and FB vying for second place, depending what mood I’m in! As much as I dislike FB much of the time, it does hold a lot of memories with family / friends.

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      1. A perfect description I think, purely a signpost. Hence all those men and women with Modelling contracts on there as well, I guess. Signposts for brands.

        Facebook is always my number one, yet I don’t even post there anymore. It’s simply because my friends/family are there and that’s where I get my messages! Twitter is a close second, I used to use it religiously a few years ago, but like with everything else I fell out of the loop with it and it’s been a bit intimidating to come back to!

        Funny how different people flock to different social media!

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      2. Yes, I doubt I’ll give up FB altogether but I think now I use Instagram I’ll call it a day joining anything else. It’s too hard to maintain unless you have a media team!


  7. I heart Instagram, not just because it’s a place to post my 5000 photos (a day) but because I love looking at what other people take pics of. It gives me great ideas. I hadn’t even heard about this new element though!

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    1. I agree it’s great for getting inspiration. The new feature is being rolled out this week, I heard about it yesterday and my app had updated by this morning. So you should have it soon. Do you use it more as a personal social media platform? I’m a little reluctant to do that and keep family posts / pictures to Facebook still. But everyday I go off Facebook a little more!


      1. I hardly ever post on FB anymore. I do curate what I post on Instagram, to a certain extent, not that you can tell, as hardly any of my family or friends have it. I’ve just updated so I’ll have a look at this new thingie.

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