Wednesday Lensday: Dogs can’t…

Wednesday Lensday: Dogs can’t…

…Look up.

Or so they say. Meaning they’d be no use in this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge  that has taken the theme of staring towards the heavens. Which is probably not a bad thing in a week when a large proportion of the globe have their heads down, glued to phones in pursuit of virtual pocket monsters!


We travelled into Hull last weekend and took a walk around the marina area – not an easy task when the wind is blasting down the Humber but it gave me an opportunity to capture the Deep (the world’s only submarium) from beneath its iconic ‘nose’ which is covered in hundreds of glass and mirrored tiles.



The location at Sammy’s Point is where the River Hull meets the Humber estuary and was it not for the Tidal Barrier, which is lowered around twelve times a year, many homes would have been lost to tidal surges since it was built in 1980. It can been seen for miles across the city but until you’re up close, it’s easy to forget what a huge structure it is.




However, our main reason for heading into the city was to go moth hunting! Not any old moths though, these were gigantic creations of beauty.


Part of the Amy Johnson Festival, to commemorate 75 years since the aviator’s death, these sculptures have been ‘hidden’ around the city and suburbs on walls, fences and lamp posts.


Several years ago a similar installation saw enormous decorated toads sitting in various locations to honour poet Phillip Larkin and this was such a success that the council adopted a similar venture for Amy.

Designed by artists, local businesses and schools, hunting them down is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or two whilst discovering more about the local area and noticing architecture from an alternative angle.

So far, we’ve only managed to spot eight. Clearly more tracking is needed if I’m ever going to locate all 59 of them – between this and Pokemon Go, I can feel some serious neck ache coming on!

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Image credits: All mine so please be sweet and ask before sharing! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Dogs can’t…

    1. Thank you! I’ve been seriously lacking on the blog post/ reading front recently as I’ve fallen into the Instagram rabbit hole – I think photography has to be my main passion… For now!!

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    1. Thanks Catherine! Do you mean the watermark? I use a piece of software (downloaded from web) called Visual Watermark. You have to pay for it (£15… Presume available in US) but it’s one-off payment then unlimited use. I used to do each one individually (using free online photoshop – add text then adjust the transparency) but if you have a lot of photos, that a right pain!! The program I use does it in bulk batches. Hope that helps 🙂


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