It’s here, it’s over, it’ll be back!

It’s here, it’s over, it’ll be back!

Typical northerners, always banging on about the weather. Five and half seasons we’ve listened to the members of House Stark utter their family motto, ‘Winter is Coming’ with more than a hint of urgency that we best all be prepared for an extended cold snap.



50% of that image is true… you decide whether to read on!

But now, the white ravens have been sent out from the Citadel, heralding the arrival of an almighty Ice Age: Does that mean House Stark change their words, now Winter is Here?


I’m musing and rambling because Season 6 has ended, the withdrawal is beginning to set in and I need to imbibe as much Game of Thrones anything to see me through to next Spring. I’m not prepared, I’d make a lousy Stark!

So seeing as it’s still Westeros Wednesday somewhere in the world, here’s a list of things I liked the most in Season 6. Strangley, I didn’t feel as excited by this season but there have been some AMAZING stand out moments for me.

As much as I enjoy Jon Snow, and Dany, there are only two main characters I’d be 100% devastated in losing now: Arya and Tyrion. And despite those four (plus Incest United) being pivotal players, I’ve found most of my love of this season going to those on the sidelines (not ‘appy Marg has been melted).


So here are my Top (tried to make it 10… couldn’t pin it down) moments of Game of Thrones, Season 6, in no particular order. Would love to hear what yours were! What do you mean you don’t watch it?? Pfft and Tsk! πŸ˜‰

1. Like most of the Internet, I love Tormund and Brienne as a ‘couple’ (and the potential for a love triangle with Jaime) But, where IS Brienne… Did I miss why she wasn’t at the Battle of the Bs?


2. Tormund not having a clue about flanking moves and taking everything Davos said literally!
3. Tormund… it’s a Viking thing. Okay, I’ll stop now…


4. Ramsay (hear me out…) just like Joffrey, he was someone great to hate. And a superb actor. I’ll miss loathing him a bit (and Walder Frey for that matter.)
5. That mosh pit of a battle in E9 – so grimy, so well shot, sooo cool when they went all Gladiator with the shields.
6. The Finale: Best one ever. The opening was epic with the music making it for me, chillingly on point.

7. Oh and Cersei’s outfit that I’ve seen brilliantly referred to as ‘Darth Julie Andrews’. Definitely channeling a bit of Joffers and Tywin here.


8. Tyrion trying to make friends with Greyworm and Missandei. I man walks into a bar…


9. Greyworm looking hot as hell by double slicing throats.

10. Tommen sounding like he threw his crown in a bin! (Which threw me off even more with his shock…exit.)
11. Any scenes with Jorah, Davos or Varys. I could listen to Davos muse over battle plans ALL. DAY. LONG.


12. The Hound!!! (And actually Ian McShane was mint too).


13. The way Yara struts around and her subtly suggesting a bit of lady action to Dany and Miss. Stormborn seeming more than a little intrigued.


14. Theon redeeming himself… again, superb acting.
15. Sam and Gilly’s interactions – they’re just so sweet!
16. RIP HODOR😦 Truly one of the most distressing scenes I’ve watched in a long time. So many tears.


17. Lyanna Mormont for President! And our PM! In fact, let her rule the world!!!


18. Arya’s dispatching of Walder Frey… total shock.


19. The season 1-4 (I think) catch up in the form of a play… even if it went on too long.

20. Sansa. I’m still not a huge fan, but three cheers for her complete transformation to badass.


21. Littlefinger’s expression at the declaration of the King in the North. I hope he’s in it more next season.
22. Finally a great scene with the Sand Snakes… thanks to Lady Olenna!

23. Melisandre becoming older than old… ‘totes emosh’.


24. And yay to Tyrion finally making Hand of the Queen! (Called it… it might be in the books but I’ve only read three!)

I can’t honestly say I was that bothered by the reveal of Jon’s parentage… I understand it will have been more of a pay-off for book readers or oppositely, someone who had no idea but I’d read things online to corroborate my suspicions from the earlier books and investigated the theory, so it didn’t feel new. Perhaps that’s why Hodor’s reveal was sooo shocking to me.

There were also many things I didn’t like this season, mainly elements that seemed pointless: poor Dorne, again, the unchaining of dragons, the other red witch, Waif training camp etc but in general, the rose-tinted specs came out and it still tops everything else on TV.

Well that’s it, Winter is Here but I Dream of Spring and the final? penultimate? installment of this awesome journey. I hope Ghost turns up in that boat with Brienne and Pod.

Six Seasons and Movie? Oh please someone push that idea…

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14 thoughts on “It’s here, it’s over, it’ll be back!

  1. That music in episode 10 ❀ ❀ ❀ Goosebumps. I love the soundtracks of Dany but this one was the winner this season. I love the direction GOT is going now. You can actually see the difference when George Martin is not writing πŸ˜› I am surprised that so many characters are still alive, considering their killing spree in the first few seasons πŸ˜› I almost thought we are gonna lose Arya but wow, what a comeback she had. πŸ˜€ A very satisfying season…And now…. "the wait begins" for the next :\

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it did seem like they were less ‘murderous’ towards main characters this season… I suppose when you get down to having so few left, you have to hang on to them! I might re-watch from the beginning, just to fill the void.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fab list you made! So many great moments to savour. I’m not a real GoT geek, haven’t read the books and came a little late to the party. Totally hooked now though and loving the extraordinary richness and variety of characters and settings, not to mention some badass battles. Fun to see the House of Bolton finally going to the dogs… (they ate their pedigree chum) and loved that chase and ending with Arya and the Waif. Brien always kicks ass, the flirting thing was hilarious. As for the sorcery that had me cheering on evil Cersei and her zombie knight, I guess it must be down to my extreme aversion to religious extremists. Fly little sparrows, fly! A sad farewell to Hodor and a three cheers for Lyanna Mormont! Amazing finale, so perfectly setup for another season of unearthly delights. So much for me not liking fantasy genres that feature dragons..

    Now the schedules are bereft of two fave shows! (The Walking Dead being my other must watch TV) Will continue to seek out alternatives to keep us entertained (Currently catching up on season three of Penny Dreadful) but GoT does set the bar rather high.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked the round-up! And it’s awesome that you’ve become such a fan, even if you got into it late. I didn’t read the books until after starting the show. Whilst they serve as an excellent reminder and add clarity to some characters / events that are skimmed over on TV, I’ve not been eager to read further (I think I’ve been too spoilt by the show!) I might read the others eventually, to see how things differ but I’m not fussed. I’m sure I’ll be told I’m missing out!
      But yes, the characterisation is fabulous in Thrones – I was trying to convince my mum to watch it and said it was like a medieval Dallas or Dynasty… With dragons and zombies! Sunday nights are looking quite tame on the schedule at the moment, so many good shows have finished their seasons. I still have S3 of Penny to watch (love Eva Green) and half way through Outlander. Have you bothered with Fear the Walking Dead? We didn’t think it was that great but we’ll most likely start S2 now we have a gap… It’ll see us through to the reveal of Negan and his evil ways in a few months!!


      1. I’ve seen FTWD 1&2 and enjoyed it, although it’s not as gripping as TWD. But then what is?? My GF has bowed out of watching GoT, leaving me to watch alone (sob). I was catching up with Big Bang Theory this past week and they had an episode where they got together to watch GoT. I suddenly thought, hey, maybe I need to find some local fans and do the same. Somehow watching certain shows alone isn’t quite as much fun. Penny Dreadful continues to entertain and I agree Eva Green is a real star in a great role.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. How can she give up on GoT??? You’re right though, it’s not the same watching on your own – same reason I don’t like watching a lot of films alone, I like to have an in-depth analysis afterwards! You should send out a local plea, in time for April. πŸ™‚

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