Wednesday Lensday: Monochrome Mix

Wednesday Lensday: Monochrome Mix

A little selection of monochrome images from my recent trips to London and Madeira. I shall be doing travel posts on both the Albert Hall concert and our week in the sun but for now, have a gander at some pics!











Image Credits: All my own so please be sweet and ask before sharing! 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Monochrome Mix

      1. That’s a great way of describing it and I totally agree. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast and especially in landscapes / clouds it really defines compared to colour images I feel.

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  1. Great photos. You are so much more mature than me, my birthday blog twin – I spent the whole time at the royal Palace in Stockholm trying to do Face Swap with the portraits hanging on the walls lol

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      1. Och, I dinnae ken whit ye mean!

        I also don’t know what I’m saying in an attempt to speak as Scottish. I am however, going to a kaleidoscope… Nope a ceilidh next month! (I should really know how to pronounce it when it’s really only one letter different to my name!)

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    1. He is quite splendid isn’t he? I’m not sure about the sledges though, they’d have to sort out the suspension first! Fun to watch the drivers using their feet to brake as they hurled round corners though 🙂


      1. Braces and suspenders. Faucets and taps. Sidewalks and pavements…. If we’re being technical I suppose it should be toboggans!


    1. Thank you! It’s years since I’ve been so was determined to go back seeing as we were round the corner at the Albert Hall. I could have spent hours just in the part with all the specimen jars! I think the tortoise-y thing was a pre-historic type of armadillo. He was surprisingly huge but quite cute in a way 🙂

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