No crying here…

No crying here…

Nobody knows where my banner has gone,

But WordPress breaks all the tiiiiiiime.

Oh, why won’t they recognise,

Twelve months of writing onliiiiiine?


It’s my party, ’cause my blog’s a whole YEAR OLD,

My blog’s a whole YEAR OLD,


Thanks EVERYONE for reading my wooooorrrds!


And when I’ve finished unpacking the holiday bags (and actually filmed the thing), I’ll have the VLOG I promised, to say thanks properly, hopefully by the end of the week!

Until then, Happy Bloggy Birthday me, here’s a picture from when I was actually about a year old! 🙂

IMG_0432 (600x800)

Image Credits: Pinterest and mine!

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37 thoughts on “No crying here…

  1. Congratulations on reaching one year old! That makes our blogs around the same age. I think WordPress years are like dog years times about five, so getting to a year makes your blog middle-aged. Whenever I discover a blog that’s been around for ten years, I sit in open-mouthed awe of anything so ancient still existing on the planet.

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    1. Haha, well then my blog is approximately the same age as myself!! A blogger I follow announced a few months back that theirs was 15 years old – I don’t think I even knew what the Internet was then!!

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    1. Yay, you know the song! Thanks for the congratulations 🙂 And as for WordPress, they finally sent me a congratulations at about 11pm last night – cutting it fine but better late than never!

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      1. Ha, awesome! Proper claim to fame I’d say. I had an electric typewriter too – I had to use it on the floor to prevent noise. Your ‘desk’ was posh!

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    1. Haha, thank you, maybe I was! Of course, my mum could have also been doing a weird dance behind the camera – she is as crackers as me after all!


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