Web of Wonder #4

Web of Wonder #4

It’s a lovely sunny Sunday here in my area of the UK, perfect for catching up on the news whilst sitting in the garden! So, sit back and relax with the fourth edition of things that have caught my eye on the web!

Seen anything worth sharing in your wanders through the webisphere? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. 🙂


I felt I needed to start this edition by including some marvelous people who haven’t let age stand in their way.

Firstly, Sir David Attenborough – fresh from giving his name to the new Polar explorer (yes, Boaty McBoatface was brilliant but Sir D is perhaps more fitting!) he also turns 90 years young today and is still going strong! I personally feel the voice of our national treasure needs to be preserved for eternity, so that generations to come can enjoy the same level of enthusiasm and assured knowledge he has passed on about the natural world!



Image from Pinterest.

What he didn’t probably expect, when he started out on his journey of ecological discovery, was the massive leaps in technology that have allowed scientists to study areas of the globe otherwise unreachable. For instance, the Mariana Trench, the deepest area of earth. You may have already seen in the news that an expedition by a remote deep-sea vehicle has been live streaming footage from 11km below the surface: sea cucumbers, vivid neon jellyfish and weird fish have been captivating avid viewers on YouTube. You can’t tell me Nessie doesn’t exist when we’re still discovering things like this!


Image from Pinterest.

You can read more about the expedition here and find links to the feeds.

Another lady who has not let age get the better of her is Ida Keeling. At the grand age of 100 (she’s 101 next week!), she set a record this week for the fastest 100m ‘sprint’ in her age group. And not wanting to risk injury, she sensibly cooled down with some stretches – I don’t think I can even do a push-up! She’s bloody brilliant and a fine example of how exercise can help keep you young. 🙂

And in my final celebration of ‘older age’, this advert caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. Granted, it’s for age defying make-up that I have no doubt is all a load of advertising claptrap but I enjoyed the style of the ad and also that it championed the older dancer.

Alesandra Ferri has just become the principal dancer for the Royal Ballet again at the age of 52 and is trying to change the stigma attached to older ballerinas being ‘has-beens’. And just look at her… again, there are many people half / quarter her age who couldn’t move the way she does. Move over Millenials!


Fresh from the euphoria of the Tour de Yorkshire, as predicted, there has been a sudden increase in lycra-clad lovelies, trundling around town. However, I bet none have ever considered trying out their sport on one wheel and certainly not at the top of a mountain!

But after seeing this, I’ve leaned that apparently, it’s a thing! Definitely not or me though…



But if one-wheeled bikes are not for you, what about a Hover Bike? Colin Furze has created some crazy contraptions and has finally put together an actual flying cycle! Not bad for someone who hasn’t got an engineering background.

Check out the bike below and also look at the rest of his channel – it’s proper crazy inventor stuff!


Finnish artist, Jirka, has re-imagined classic Disney characters and painted them as if they are real-life people.

Esmeralda 1 - Copy

The portraits are absolutely stunning and whilst some people have argued he hasn’t got the ethnicity of some of the character correct, it can’t be denied that his skills with a paintbrush are remarkable. View more of his work here.

Images via Pinterest, dailymial.co.uk and coffeandcashmere.


Finally, do you know what lies beneath your garden? Other than a few buried childhood pets, I’d have to say, ‘no’! And it seems that Luke Irwin, a rug designer from Wiltshire, didn’t have a clue either!


Whilst laying some electrical cables at his farm, Mr. Irwin uncovered what turned out to be the remains of a Roman villa, some 2000 years old! It’s said to be one of the most well preserved sites in the UK and was most likely for a very wealthy family, based on the what has been found.


Images from Lonely Planet.

But perhaps one of the creepiest discoveries was this unwitting planter (above) – the family had been using it to house their geraniums but it seems it was originally a Roman child’s coffin :/ Still, it’s incredibly exciting. I think the most ‘ buried treasure’ I’ve ever found is a few broken bits of ceramic, circa 1972…


Until next time, thanks for reading! 🙂

Image Credits: Youtube and via links to websites given.

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