Wednesday Lensday: Sunshine and Solitude

Wednesday Lensday: Sunshine and Solitude

Today’s photo post covers many bases. I was going to name it The Alphabet of Travel Snaps (and this may end up being a future ‘series’) because I was going through old holiday photos and was reminded that this time last year, we were in sunny (C is for…) Cyprus!

Cyrpus 1

Yes, I’m aware the alphabet doesn’t begin with C and no, I’m not taking part in the April A-Z challenge, however C could be for challenge as these photos act as my entry for both Hugh’s Weekly Photo challenge (this week’s theme is solitude) and the Daily Post’s challenge for ‘landscape’.

Cyprus 7

Cyprus 8

It was our first visit to Cyprus and we immediately loved it. Staying in a ridiculously large, private villa, which we got for next to nothing, we spent the slightly later Easter holidays waking up to lemon cake by the pool, followed by walks into the mountains or along beautiful beaches.

Aphrodite mountain

We chose to stay on the north-west coast of the island – near the Arkamas Peninsula, a nature preservation area – as we wanted it to be less touristy. We certainly got our wish! Being off-season, we were generally the only non-natives about (other than the herds of goats!), having entire stretches of sand to ourselves for hours. It was glorious!

Aphrodite mountain goats

The locals were still walking about dressed in winter woolies but for us coming from bitter old Blighty, it seemed tropical! Springtime in Cyprus is beautiful – the hillsides are awash with carpets of flowers and as they drive on the same side as the UK, it was at times easy to feel you were trundling around the British countryside (the tractors helped!)

Cyprus 5

Monasteries are a-plenty in Cyprus: we visited several, mainly to sample their award winning wines! Many are located in stunning areas of the Troodos mountains and one is home to a cat sanctuary – if you’re a cat lover you can spend your day there wandering through the throngs of felines and have cuddles to your heart’s content!



Cyprus is definitely a place we would visit again and has so  much more to offer than the party-central image it sometimes portrays here in the UK. A gorgeous place to relax with extremely friendly locals – no wonder it’s associated with the goddess Aphrodite!


Image Credits: All my own, so please be sweet and ask before sharing! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Sunshine and Solitude

    1. Thanks Catherine and you’re welcome! If only I could siphon the heat out somehow – it’s so cold here too, I’ve spent the day in a blanket!!


  1. I’ve visited Cyprus many times and loved everything about the Island. The people were very friendly and the way of life was perfect. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble.
    Thank you for joining me for this week’s photography challenge.

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    1. I agree – we had a family run restaurant near our villa and they went out of their way to make us feel welcome and brought us food gifts! Thank you for hosting. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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