Wednesday Lensday: Love, of KAWS

Wednesday Lensday: Love, of KAWS

Last weekend, we ventured out into the Spring sunshine and visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park, in Wakefield. The 500 acre estate is home to many permanent sculptures by the likes of Andy Goldsworthy, William Pye and Dame Barbara Hepworth.

It also houses transient installations, such as their current exhibition by American artist KAWS. This is the first UK museum exhibition by him and I’ll admit that I wasn’t aware of his work before we went. However, I loved his quirky characters and marvelled at the sheer size of some of the outdoor structures, which represent nostalgic aspects of growing up.


I’d stupidly forgotten to take the camera, so all these have been taken on my iPhone. I’ve then had a play around with them, bleeding out the background in order to give them an other-worldly feel.

They are also my contribution the the Daily Post’s photo prompt of ‘One Love’ – I’ve chosen the piece below (the bond between parent and child) to reflect this. Let me know what you think!

One Love

Yorkshire Sculpture Park has free entry (parking charges apply – £8 all day) and is open daily, except Christmas Eve and Day. The KAWS exhibition runs until June, 2016.

Image Credits: All my own, so please be sweet and ask before sharing. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Love, of KAWS

  1. Never heard of this artist before but love the sculptures! Great phone pics! Love them! 🙂 looks like quite the exhibit! I may have to see when and where he is in America!

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    1. Thank you! And you definitely should – I don’t think they’re all as large scale as this, but looking at information about him, they’re all quirky and he has some very vibrant canvases.

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    1. Thanks Mike 🙂 Yes, I’ve always thought the iPhone cameras have been pretty good – then I just play around with the contrast and light until I get something I like the look of!


  2. I love your images — camera or phone. They are lovely. And these sculptures are amazing. I haven’t heard of this artist before either, but now I’m very curious. And this makes me want to visit a sculpture garden near me that I haven’t visited for years… I can’t believe I almost forgot about that place!

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    1. I’m glad you like them Sandra, thank you! He’s worth checking out of you like a contemporary style. His canvasses are quite ‘pop-arty’. Definitely very vibrant.
      I hope the sculpture garden is as good as you remember if you go. 🙂


  3. That sounds like a fantastic place to visit! I almost wish I was back in Blighty, it would be a bit of an expensive trip from here in Denmark. I always enjoy outdoor sculpture projects and exhibitions. There are lots of large public works incorporated into the housing community where we live. There is also a beautiful gallery – Louisiana – that is right on the coast and has lush grounds full of sculptures by international artists. One of my very favourite places.

    Great photos BTW!

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    1. Thank you! It was certainly a lovely place to wander :). Having sculptures as part of the building / area is a great idea though – more places should do it and make some of the uglier structures look more appealing!

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