The Room of Non-Requirement

The Room of Non-Requirement

I’ve been terrible at posting this last week, sorry! It’s half term holiday in most of the UK, so you’d think the extra time would allow me to produce blog posts a-plenty. Instead of writing, I purchased a cello (more on that in a later post!)

However, it’s past due that I address a little nomination that the always hilarious Catherine, from Atypical 60, tagged me in: The Room 101 challenge.

Room 101 – The mythical place we can send our most hated pets…


Nope, that’s not right. Hang on…our pet hates! Peeves, annoyances and irritations. The complete opposite of the incredibly helpful room in Harry Potter – This is the Room of Non-Requirement!

Okay, so I’m never very good at following rules but you have to acknowledge who tagged you (check), describe five things you’d banish to the room (keep reading) and tag / nominate five other bloggers (I’ll get to that bit, kind of…)

Most of my pet peeves I described in my post ‘It’s shrew love but not about you’ (it’s not all negative, it’s has my loves in there too!) so I’ve had to think of some more. Here we go…


If this post gets 10,000 likes, we’ll unlock the cure for cancer. And if you can spare a moment of your time to copy and paste this other, half page essay, on your own wall (it only needs to be there for 60 seconds), it will show me that you are either;

a) My closest friend – only those who genuinely love me will show support.
b) A sheep.

Of course, if you do neither, I’ll understand, we all have our own battles to fight, but know that I secretly think you are scum and will most probably delete your existence from my life.


I mean, seriously? Okay, petitions I can get behind. Done in the correct way, they can bring about change – a collective voice is always stronger. But a piece of paper, real or virtual, CANNOT cure a disease. Possibly, if it’s been soaked in some futuristic, nano-technology juice, ready to be consumed in small, rectangular pieces, it could work. Although, I’m sure they tried this back in the 90s…


And whilst we’re on the subject of ridiculous Facebook themes / memes, whatevs, let’s talk about St. BILL.

Bill, who is so bloody righteous and wonderful. Bill, the new deity worshipped by many a Facebooker. Ooh yes, let’s be more like Bill. Unless you’re Bill Cosby. That’s not an advisable life choice…

Let’s banish Bill instead.



Everyone is doing a reboot or a ‘re-imagining’ these days. Now, I’m not completely against all of them – I enjoyed the reboots of Star Trek and Planet of the Apes for instance – and it doesn’t include anything from a Marvel or DC universe, they get special compensation, it’s their ‘thing’ in the comics anyway.

But so many ‘classics’ are being recreated, from Ghostbusters, due out this year, to now a re-imagining of Labyrinth. No thanks. A sequel? Possibly acceptable. A rework to bring it to a new generation (if this is what it will be)? Nope.

Either think of your own ideas or plough the money into remastering the originals (minus any dodgy CGI monsters…we know who we’re talking about) so the current youth massive can appreciate them as they were.

Many argued that Force Awakens was pretty much a remake (due to all the parallels). Whilst I disagree with this (I loved the parallels), a comment from a child at school that irritated me (most likely because it made me feel old and uncool!) hit home that the old version of ‘classics’ may be lost on new viewers.

“I’m making an intergalactic, planet destroyer!”

“So…you’re making the Death Star?”

*rolls eyes*

 “Duh, it’s the Starkiller Base, Miss…”



Darling, you. Are. The. BEST! Your passion and outlook on life brings me endless fulfillment. I know that great things will happen for you, you deserve it. It warms me to know such a selfless person, whose light shines and eradicates the darkness in the world. I know I’m only one of your 12K followers on Twitter but your tweets speak to me in ways that tell me you are a wholesome wonder. I am proud to be your friend.



Praise and recognition – wonderful. Everyone likes to receive those. However, when these accolades become OTT they lose their effect, sound insincere and smack of either desperation or just wanting some tit-for-tat, back scratching.

I recently read a blog post where someone told the blog’s author that they shouldn’t give completely honest feedback if they wanted to further their ‘career’. Instead, they should lace it with syrupy praise, for fear the recipient may return a negative response in the future.

What’s the point in that? Quite rightly, the author stuck to their principles, saying constructive criticism is more beneficial than saying what wants to be heard. There’s a polite way of phrasing this, so as not to offend or demoralise (and the author had done it in a very polite way).

I hope, if they recognise themselves, they don’t mind me mentioning it but it was a classic example of the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Sincerity and being genuine are unfortunately something that seems to be diminishing in society. That’s why I value those who comment on my blog as I’m happy to say, you all ‘talk’ to me like I’m a real person – I mean I am, but you know what I’m getting at! So thanks. 🙂



Yes, my name doesn’t have the ‘conventional’ spelling of Hayley. I’m a HayLEE. These are just two out of (at last count…yes I’m sad) 26 ways to spell the name.

Having an unusual spelling (and it’s nowhere near as unusual as some) makes me pay particular attention to how people spell their names. I know I still make mistakes, but I try to make an effort, if addressing someone in writing, because I feel it shows you’ve taken a person more seriously. You are being more genuine.

If you’re meeting a person for the first time and spell a name incorrectly, no big deal. And I know auto correct can be a nightmare but if you’ve conversed with this person and STILL spell their name incorrectly, well it annoys the hell out of me.

I’ve experienced it all over, even on official documents when they HAVE THE CORRECT SPELLING IN FRONT OF THEM. It’s just rude. Sort it out or be banished!



Click bait. Attention grabbers (something the one above is not!) We’ve all fallen for them and to a certain extent it’s a given that headlines are written in a way to achieve this. But there is one online magazine I follow (to be honest, I’m not sure why when they anger me so much but they do often have interesting articles, if you can swim through the gunk!) that has RIDICULOUS headlines, some of which don’t even make sense as a sentence!

Things such as;

These pictures of [insert random celebrity] are giving us all the feels and our day is thank you.

Empowering teens speak out about their fight with hair straighteners and become our everything. #hairgoals #squadgoals

How Instagram updated some settings and the internet imploded / our lives shattered / the universe fought back.


These are all made up… in the style of said magazine but they are VERY close to what they create. I really should unfollow, shouldn’t I? (And yes, I’m totally over-using Jessica!)

So there we are, my five things I’d banish to the room of non-requirement, door number 101. What would you put in yours? I’d love to hear in the comments!

As for the nominations, well I’m not doing any. If you wish to take part, please feel free. Instead, here are five bloggers I regularly read and think you should check out, if you haven’t already – they’re all lovely, funny and great to read.

With a special mention of thanks to Carol from My Silly Snail Blog. She doesn’t post very often but she does leave some of the most thoughtful comments on my blog, which are always a pleasure to read. 🙂

Image Credits: Pinterest,, and via Google images.

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37 thoughts on “The Room of Non-Requirement

      1. Ooh no. I don’t think I even own a pair of trainers! Actually, I tell a lie. I had to buy a pair for the rare occasions I teach PE. Why would I wear trainers if I’m a tea drinker though?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m with you on remakes (or cash-ins as I call them) and also Facebook garbage and clickbait headlines. My pet peeves would probably fill several volumes, but in brief I would def send these to room 101 for starters –
    Fragrance adverts.
    Endless sequels of crappy movies.
    Gooseberries – nasty.
    Religious extremists, evangelists, Scientologists & conspiracy loonies.
    Mosquitoes – not just annoying but the #1 killer on the planet.

    PS – I have recently become something of a cello fan, after discovering the amazing Bach cello suites.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, poor gooseberries! And I can’t believe you want to send off celebrities, dripping in gold, climbing random bits of silk, just to tell you how to smell good, too! 😉
      If you want to stay a cello fan, you don’t want to hear me play. Yet! I’m a fan but a complete novice when it comes to playing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Whaaaaat?! On a scale of one to incredulous, I’m very near the ‘i’!
        Is Deadpool more up your street? He does fight with two katanas…


      2. Star Wars!! Because you need to see it on the big screen to appreciate it (if it’s still showing!)
        Avengers: You’d need more time as you have a few to catch up with before Civil War and Deadpool is fine as a Dvd watch – I’m very specific about which are cinema necessary and which are sofa compatible!


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