Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 5: Accomplishment

Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 5: Accomplishment

Here’s my first post of 2016!

That sentence (which was six words long!) and the title should tell you what it’s all about. Yes, it’s another edition of teeny, tiny tales, inspired by Nicola’s challenge over at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller.

Although I’ve been participating in her prompts most weeks (and securing medal positions on some occasions!), I realised I hadn’t devoted a post to my entries since Halloween. However, this week’s theme of ACCOMPLISHMENT gave me a few ideas so here they are!

First of all, my actual entry…

Yesterday, she learned to say ‘Mummy’!


Eight months later, I finished reading…

A personal accomplishment from yesterday!


Summit reached! Now to get down…



It’ll never be published but it’s complete.


And finally, this one could relate to so many things, but for some reason it made me think of some sporting underdogs!

Despite the pessimists, they managed it!


Why not have a go yourself? And whilst you’re there, you could be super nice and vote for me too! 😉

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks, as always for reading!

Image Credits: My own plus theultimatecatblog, healthandmindcare, it.wikihow.com and espn.co.uk

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19 thoughts on “Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 5: Accomplishment

      1. Haha, bobbins is a word I’ve always used for ‘rubbish’. So it essentially means ‘A load of rubbish!’ I guess it was to reflect that I was writing about random things without really thinking about it or ever expecting anyone to read it!

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    1. Aww, thanks Catherine, I’m glad they made you giggle! I bet not as much as your post did me though – I must dedicate a story to a blobfish!! 😉 Same to you and Bonaparte (and Chippy!) Hope it’s a fabulous, healthy and happy 2016!


  1. If you click on the link to Nicola’s blog, then you vote by ‘liking’ the entry in her comment section. And you can vote multiple times, (once per person) so can vote for all the entries you like!


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