It’s SHREW love, but not about you!

It’s SHREW love, but not about you!

Like the artist formally known as Prince, this post was formally known as a page. But as I was having a bit of a clear out, I thought I’d remove it, edit it and create a post instead!

So what’s with the title?

Well I was nominated to take part in the LOVE/HATE challenge and the first thing that sprung to mind was 10 Things I Hate About You, the 1999 Taming of the Shrew adaptation, starring the late Heath Ledger.


But it’s things I love too and the hate most definitely isn’t about you – Anyone who stays long enough to read my ramblings past the second line gains at least a guest pass into the ‘Lovelies’ club! So does that explain the title? I hope so, though I’m not entirely sure it makes sense to me and I came up with it!

Anywho, shall we look at the lists? I do like ‘challenges’ and I guess it gives a little more insight into my brain (you can leave now if you’re worried based on anything else you may have read!) So in no particular order, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way and begin with things I hate.

(Hate is a strong word, I’d rather say these are things that annoy, anger or disgruntle me but that wouldn’t make a very good challenge title would it?!)

People’s inability to drive in car parks: Why do people lose all concept of road sense upon entering one of these? There are quite clearly designated road markings, making it easy to understand your left from your right, yet many folk suddenly believe they have skipped the Channel into continental Europe and can drive on the opposite side.


Similarly, would you abruptly stop in the middle of a main road to shout across to Aunt Maude and ask her whether the custard creams are still on offer? No. So don’t do it here either.

Raw onions: Not a big fan of cutting them (although the ‘spoon in your mouth’ trick does seem to work) but most certainly NOT a fan of eating them. It’s the texture you see, although I don’t mind the taste (so cooked ones that have been chopped to only microscope visibility are tolerable). The only thing raw onions are good for is viewing plant cells in science.

The ‘Hunger Games’ syndrome: By this, I mean the acceptance by today’s society to watch and enjoy the downfall of others. Generalising I know, but as a whole kudos is given to the type of shenanigans brought on by tragic life fails, especially those of celebrities, and then people subsequently revel in the debauchery.

However, there are some stars that seem intent on appearing as obnoxious as possible just to stay on the celebrity radar. Please stop!

Wrists and belly buttons: I’ve covered this in my Banana Cray Cray post (go read it!) but these body parts are evil and terrify the life out of me!


Wasps: I love bees, bees are kind and fluffy and want to help save the world (!). Bees will give their life to protect and serve their queen and hive. Wasps on the other hand want to destroy, indiscriminately stabbing with their everlasting stingers, over and over again.

It’s all borne out of fear – I’ve never been stung and imagine I’ll fall straight into anaphylactic shock! I’ve got better at standing still until they move on, but it never lasts long – more than a two second landing and I’m all flappy arms and girly screams heading into the distance.

Having to ring a call centre: I automatically go into defense mode before I’ve even picked up the phone. And why so many options to ‘get you to the right person’? Which usually ends up with not getting to any person at all because either you get cut off just as they pick up, or it tells you to visit the website for more information. Grrr!!


Feminism for the sake of being angry at the world: I’m all for equality, believe woman are totally capable of doing the same tasks as men and think the feminist movement has done a fine job at creating otherwise unheard of opportunities for females.

However, when some people become indignant and scream about their ‘unfair treatment’ over something trivial, it becomes embarrassing to be a woman and gives the good stuff a bad name. ‘How DARE he hold the door open for me, does he think I’m incapable?!’ No, maybe he was just being nice…

Word crimes: Unfortunately, this is the teacher in me. We all make spelling / grammar mistakes (I’m sure I’ve made some in this post) but it begins to irk me when it’s from people who should know better (i.e. large company adverts who clearly have the resources to pay a proof reader) or when slang terms begin to take on a life of their own.


We’re totally hearting the new summer trends right now!” NO!! Hearting is NOT a verb – it’s hard enough trying to teach the words already in the dictionary without creating hybrid monster formations. I totes don’t find it at all hilare…

Ooh that was all a bit ranty wasn’t it? Here’s a cute little pup getting down with his music to make you smile again before we move on to LOVE!


Obviously, under LOVE, there is my significant other, S, plus family and friends (and naturally, cake!) But here are ten other things of greatness that wont necessarily appear on your own list.

Cups of tea with honey: Again, I raved about honey in a blog post but there is nothing better to soothe and calm me than a large mug of milky tea with 2-3 dollops of the stuff in. Granted, I pretty much inhale the liquid in one swig (so lady-like!) so many are astounded that my taste buds even get a look in, but I could not live without at least three mugs a day.

honey jars

The Golden Hour: That time of day in summer when the sun is almost ready to set and everything is basked in a wonderful golden light. When the world seems to be stiller with only the swallows and swifts darting about the sky. That time is blissful.

The smell of creosote: I adore the earthy, pungent odour so much. I’m sure it’s not very good for me to indulge in a whiff or two but I have been known to sniff more than one freshly painted fence…

Clouds: I’ve always loved watching the sky and not so much finding shapes in clouds but imagining I can walk up there amongst the tall castles and never-ending, cotton wool cityscapes. I could stare at them for hours and it always puts this song from my ‘youth’ in my head (yeah, I was a bit of a trance-y raver…)

I seriously want to add storm chasing to my ‘fad’ list, having been on my bucket list for years. On a college trip to Wales, the minibus I was travelling in was struck by lightening and actually witnessing the large orb of blue light was fascinating.

I think it’s the sheer power of nature that appeals to me – I enjoy the humbling feeling it gives that we as humans are only a minute part of the planet. Although there is part of me that thinks storm chasing is insensitive when so many people live in fear of nature’s wrath each year.

Planes: I was taken to airshows from an early age by my grandfather who served in the RAF during WW2. Couple that with a flight in a vintage DeHavilland bomber and my love of planes was born. I always said I wanted my pilots’ licence but despite having flown a small aircraft, lack of funds has kept me from this dream. The Harrier will always be my favourite modern plane (the noise!) but my first love remains with the Lancasters, Hurricanes and Spitfires of old.


Eating sweetcorn straight from the tin: There are several food items I’ll happily consume straight from their packets: Jam, cottage cheese, Nutella, tinned tuna, butter and cream (sorry arteries). However, sweetcorn is the best and I have to stop myself from finishing in one sitting. Terrible.

Cheese: Cheese is meat, or so say the Mighty Boosh. I must admit I agree and would give up meat tomorrow as long as I could still eat cheese. I’d like to say there isn’t a cheese I’ve met that I don’t like but there’s always one odd-bod in the family. That blue cheese clan are quite weird aren’t they? Yeah, I avoid them at all costs.


Game of Thrones: OMGoT! I LOVE this series and by that I mean the TV version. Never since the likes of Lost has there been a series that I have invested so much enthusiasm and time in. Easter holidays are now super exciting because Thrones will be back.

Conspiracy theories and watching hairstyles, podcasts and parodies, amazing quotes and one liners that seem to fit every aspect of life (Winter forever seems like its coming to good old Blighty!) And now there may be a prequel! πŸ˜€ Keep wanting to rake in those dollars HBO, you’ll have at least one fan for sure!


Magic: I have a love of all things paranormal and supernatural and would like to think there is REAL magic in the world. But until I can gain proof or experience of this, members of the Magic Circle with their tricks and illusions will forever entertain me.

I’m not a huge fan of large, showy tricks with pyrotechnics and elaborate sets – literally too much of the ‘smoke’ (and mirrors) to disguise things. No, I’m more astounded by close up, street magic styles where the masters of misdirection take centre stage. I’m easily duped and know it’s happening, but it doesn’t deter the sheer glee I get from seeing a trick performed and clapping my hands together like a 5 year old. Magic is the epitome of wonder!

Wow, that was such a long post, maybe I should have kept it as a page! Thanks for reading (especially if you got to the end!). Comments are always welcome and if anyone else fancies doing the LOVE/HATE challenge consider yourself tagged, add a pingback and I’ll come and check it out. πŸ™‚



Haylee x

Image Credits: Pinterest, Wikipedia and Commons Media.

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14 thoughts on “It’s SHREW love, but not about you!

  1. Ooh I remember that fluffy clouds record. You can have some of our clouds if you like, we always have plenty to spare all year round, they do tend to be black and soggy rather than light and fluffy tho πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, as much as a like storms, I prefer something to happen, rather than a constant blanket of grim. I mean grey… Which is all we seem to have had for the last three days over here too!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, that’s not good! I should add a sidenote that the lunacy increases ten fold at holiday times. And in rain. Rain seems to wash away people’s memory of where the controls and road markings are…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, a fellow belly-button loather! Ugh, they just make me writhe around in disgust. And yes, supermarket car parks definitely seem to be the worst! Glad you enjoyed the read πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so much fun to read! I agree with most of your hates and loves . The golden hour -yeees, the storms – yeees, magic – hell yeees. I hope you don’t cringe at the ‘yeees’ though, since you’re a grammar/spelling Nazi.. 🐱

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sooooo… You’re calling me a grammar nazi?! πŸ€” Seeing as I put so many ‘o’s in so, I can’t really tell you off, can I? I think you’re safe! Glad you enjoyed the post 😊

      Liked by 2 people

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